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Hi Hi! Today I had a pretty terrible focus day! Can I get an amen when I say "F YOU MONDAY!" So after I finished a bit of client work I decided it would be a good idea to have a bit of a play at a logo for the ladies account @steemsugars ('s) Logo Contest* YAY!

Here are 3 different versions as my submission for the contest!


I decided on a fun popsicle theme so that I could play with color, and made 3 different flavors. I call them
- Proof-Of-Brain-Purple,
- Mining-Pool-Mint &
- Peer-To-Peer-Pink

(CONFESSION: I spent an embarrassing amount of time thinking of those)*


I've got a rule about logos: "Does it look good as a sticker?"...aaand "Would I wear it on a Tee-Shirt?" So that's the way I decided to mock these up to share with you!


Even though I was low on focus and low energy day, I had a lovely relaxing afternoon watching Parks & Rec reruns and drinking Vanilla Rooibos tea and enjoying this BLEH rainy afternoon. <3

Until next time friends!

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