Golden Compound - Natural Fiber Materials With Sunflower Seed Hulls!

# Golden Compound
Natural Fiber Materials With Sunflower Seed Hulls!



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Take a second and look at those product images.... I'm sorry but of all the biodegradable plastic alternatives I've hunted, this is by FAR the most impressive looking.

I'd never be able to tell this was a fully compostable and biodegradable material!

"Each year around 30 million tons of sunflower seeds are produced worldwide. The hull share is about 20 %, that means 6 million tons. The most important producing countries are Europe, Russia, Argentina and China. We obtain our raw materials mainly from EU countries."-[source]()




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08.11.2019 19:04

This is another eco friendly product among others. It is made up of natural fiber which is impressive.

09.11.2019 10:11

Nice hunt of a eco-friendly product. Anything that will reduce the use of plastic is great. Thanks for sharing.

09.11.2019 11:47