A cryptocurrency inspired by the Facebook’s story- Student Coin

The task expects to put the tokens and blockchain into the standard understudy Coin is the principal stage that permits playing out the wide-scale tokenization for individuals, associations, organizations, new companies, and decentralized accounts (Defi). Wide-scale tokenization is an interaction that needs a simple to-utilize and widespread biological system that is built by the Student Coin. With the STC biological system, everybody will actually want to handily make any sort of token and create it over the long haul. Understudy Coin will take into account tokenizing individuals, firms, and associations, just as, oversee token utilities, perform crowdfunding and effectively list new activities.

CoinTiger is a unified trade situated in Singapore. The trade has in excess of 2 million clients across 100 nations from one side of the planet to the other and its day by day volume adds up to 200 million dollars. As a Student Coin Team, we are eager to have a chance to spread our thoughts across Asian people groups for whom instruction is a staggeringly significant worth.

The business part

STC environment that bases on STC Token, and permits to make and effectively oversee tokens for associations, organizations, new businesses, and people through STC Terminal, STC Exchange, and STC App.

The instructive part

Instruction that intends to educate about the universe of blockchain, tokenization, new innovations, and individual budget assists with placing the tokens into the standard and grows the local area. The Student Coin biological system for tokenization will be worked by the accompanying stages:

STC Terminal

The product for firms, associations, and people to make and effectively deal with their STC-based tokens

STC Exchange

The freely accessible trade with every one of the tokens is exchanged uniquely to STC. A spot for startup crowdfunding and STC-based Defi tokens issuance.


The portable and work area application to store, trade, and effectively utilize the utility of the Defi and individual tokens made in the STC Terminal.

Quick version — Facebook

A many individuals are as of now mindful of the story behind the greatest online media stage, nonetheless, for the individuals who have not investigated it yet, how about we go through it. Beginning all along, "Facebook" is the understudy index that incorporates photographs and essential data in regards to the understudies. It was made to ease building connections, particularly among new understudies.

The principal "Face"

Prior to the possibility of Facebook, during his second year of school, Mark Zuckerberg had built up a product for the "Facemash", the site where understudies had the option to look at female understudies' photos. At the end of the day, it was a kind of "hot or not" game for the Harvard people group. Facemash was visited by 450 clients in the initial 4 hours, so we can genuinely say it was an incredible achievement. In any case, the Harvard specialists have concluded that Facemash was abusing security and copyrights; subsequently, a couple of days after the fact, the site was shut.

A piece of measurements

Presently, Facebook has around 2.6 billion month to month dynamic clients. What's much more seriously fascinating, over 60% of web clients are likewise utilizing Facebook. Another fundamental reality is that more than 80 million little organizations are giving Facebook Pages. To wrap things up, in Q1 2020 Facebook has produced just about 20 billion dollars in income just from promoting.

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