"Belgian Experiments"

Another cool stuff made during a trip in Belgium.

4 lighters, 3 CRTs, 1 spirojib and a cool abandonned factory :D

1) We decided to start with a common base as Yun rotated the spirojib. Each lighter, with his own crt, decided to rotate or not during the entire spirojib process. This time, I decided not to rotate my camera while Yun was working with the tool.

2) Each lighter finished his caption the way he wanted to do as we were all using the lens cap trick. As a guest I had the "shogun" honor again 😊 After me, Grégory Lamouline & Martin Gerard made their own interpretation.


Lightpainting created in real time, captured to the camera in one single photographic frame.

No layers /no Photoshop / no editing exept minor adjustments (lens correction profite, WB, contrast (+12)) and addition of my logo.

Gear :
Canon EOS 6D body
Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM lens
Canon RC-E6 IR remote
Benro A2292T tripod

Settings :
100 ISO

April 2017

If you want to see more lightpainting pictures, check "Lightpainters United" @lightpaintershub

Lightpainters United banner.png

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That's very beautiful. 🤗

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Thanks mate! :D

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