How Will The Whale Meet Your Content?


When a whale shall come visiting, how prepared shall your blog be.
Will your post be found worthy or not worthy.

When a great whale as uncle @trafalgar, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, etc. enters your post, how creative will they find your post to be?

The eyes love beautiful and ofcourse they are turned on by beautiful things, how beautiful will your blog be when they are passing by, will the beauty of your blog capture their attention or will your unprepared blog drive them off?

How prepared are you.

The coming of a whale is never always announced, they bang on a post and leave the author in awe of upvote.

You never know when they will come for you or when they will hit your post. But how prepared are you?

Do you remember the story of the ten virgins?
Where five were wise and five were unwise?

Be wise to be among the five whom the bridegroom allowed into the wedding ceremony.

Let he that got weary be no more weary and should get back to work, for the days of visitation is so near.

Never been at the mercy of a whale before, worry not, keep being your best, you will soon smile.


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