[Steem talk] Reluctant hero

Having said buying vote is bad, but going around a big tour and comeback from behind, using a backhand to circle jerk is just as bad, if not worst. So here I am, had it right in front of my face.


So I realized there's this account @mmmmkkkk311 flag on my post, at first I was so heated up, rubbing my palm going over wanted to put down a full fledged flag for it, and realized the account has hundreds of thousands SP. Dude, I'm still half way there before I even touch 5 figures, a full flag from this account, I will have to do 300 times to offset 😂


Apparently, it's not my post. It's SBI subscription that is gotten down vote. What a reluctant hero, but still how do you justify who is entitle for such downvote? SBI got so many accounts, do you follow for downvote on all the posts from all the accounts? Or you just randomly selecting target? Do you realize some of us are innocent? I understand the fact that if we are not "investor" then it doesn't matter to us. But the feeling of seeing an upvote and gotten down voted is really unpleasant. It's not like we purposely purchase such upvote service. Sometimes it's a contest prize, sometimes it's a gift. And it's not like we choose to have that. It's just sad this has to resolve this way. Tell me, is this spelt under #newsteem guidelines? Or you're acting like a community police? What about other tokens? Would you stake other tokens and start flagging as well? Since SBI also vote with other tokens. I hope this post doesn't get me into further trouble, but if there's a way to stop SBI from voting, please let me know, rather then keep on flagging me for the crime I did not commit.


On a side note, few days ago I did mentioned I will start unstaking my #ufm. @steem-key clearly read my post and gave me a push so I take action. Those tokens will be sent to @null and consider burnt. If I don't do good to the community, at least I should help to burn them and maintain price stability. Few hundred of those #ufm probably will render to nothing, but that's my part that I committed.


And if you remember I promised @sinlg I will send one to him? I lied. Here, take 10! Reason for this is, the original airdrop I signed up for, is 10UFM the official gave me, so I will pass it on as a token of appreciation. @sinlg us the last person I expect to reply me on that post, but he did. And the rest of them goes on fire!


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18.11.2019 08:04

What a silly flag but I can understand .SBI is one of the groups here that encourages giving and sharing. It is not an upvote bot. Every time we bought one share we gave another to a friend. In a way SBI keeps me posting.

18.11.2019 08:14

Well, many have been flagged for the same reason. It's just sad being flagged for that reason. It's not like I purposely purchase the service just to get upvote. Any average Joe does the math will find it silly to even consider this as investment. The amount of upvote if being breakdown to return of investment is way too small and probably will take 5 years worth of posts to breakeven. And mind you SBI do upvote comments for less frequent author. So are they going to find comments and flag? Once again, I has angry, but now I is sad 😂

18.11.2019 09:01


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米高,宜家喞年代已经唔同。要喞唔係普通新人,係自带 SP 喞投资者。新入黎想撸币喞,顶得顺就留低,顶唔顺就死开😂

20.11.2019 00:52