This Animation reminds me of something similar which I felt it in Steemit! | Power Corruption

Hi guys, I was watching this video and it reminds me of something, so I wanted to share it with you guys, so you will see what I have seen too, it is about Power Corruption.

This animation is created by DarkMatter, which you can see it from the link below, it's the DarkMatter's channel, I really like DarkMatter's videos because he always bring great topics with his animations.

This is also how each country's system is working and also Global system, and I wanna mention one thing about Steemit, which you can also hear it in that animation, they create some kind of rules and tools like flagging or ... reminds me of that scene of the animation when ...

He says: oh we don't want to do these things to you! we don't want to put cameras everywhere, we don't want to censor you or monitor your communications ....... but you see! we must do it, because of those people! (who?) it doesn't matter who! pick them and make them the enemy! make it socially acceptable to openly hate them, fear is a tool, use it, we will be the protectors, the saviour, you see they will be the reason we need to be harsh with the promise that once they are defeated and we have total control, everything will finally go back to the good old days ......... (watch the animation to hear it completely)

in steemit people also became against each other, putting blames on each other, and there's a silent system, which I can't understand why they don't really answer us. it is like if we don't exist for them, or they will say: this Steemit was just a personal website, so go away everyone! don't talk! don't talk against it! (this part was related to a comment I was reading on a post from Steemitblog)

Separate from my words, I also find some interesting comments on a @steemitblog post:
this was the post:
and here is a photo of 2 comments which has much words in both comments.
still you can check that post and find more interesting comments like these

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I have read a comment on a Steemit blog which the guy just wrote: the problem is poor people in developing countries who are selling their coins, withdrawing and they are the reason why the price is going down!
first of all what is the point of this blockchain and this system, this company which shout out: your voice has a value! you will get paid for the works you are doing! this is better than other platforms and bla bla, and all the people listened to these words and joined steemit, to make post their valuable contents and making their money and withdrawing! either, what is the point? are they here to fill someone else's pocket? keeping for whom? while the big ones are cashing out easily!

29.08.2019 14:04