Hey Guys! Check out this new music video which we released it after 1 year! the song called "Inside"

This is a creative track which me @davidfar and my friend A-Zee @azee5150 produced it. the music is created by our ideas and it took 1 year until I was feeling satisfied with the sounds and my vocals.
The music production became great after A-Zee had finished it.

Vocals/ Lyrics/ Acoustic Guitar/ Strings/ Video Editor: Davood Faramarzi aka @davidfar
Music Production/ Electric Guitar/ Bass/ Drums: A-Zee @azee5150

and after we had finished the Audio track, I decided to start and work on video clip so I asked my friend A-Zee to record some scenes with green screen and I also recorded some scenes in my room and after our parts were done, I decided to ask our friend @thomasrobertgent to record some video scenes for the drums parts. he did it perfectly and I added those parts too.

I enjoy working on videos and editing them. as all the video scenes were stable I started adding camera movement to each parts and after days I finally finished the work. I hope you guys enjoy!

Listen on Spotify:

Thanks @lk666 for releasing this track! \m/

Thanks for listening and watching this video!
Happy Holloween!

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EEEEEE!!! So friggin Awesome, love how the video turned out you guys kicked ass!! Really love this!!

31.10.2019 19:01

Thank you my good friend Lynds!! <3 :D

31.10.2019 20:14

Great production work, It came out amazing!

01.11.2019 03:35

Thanks bro! \M/ I am also happy about the result! Your parts were great too!

01.11.2019 06:01

Killer song and video 🤘
You guys did a great job

01.11.2019 12:59

Thank you so much bro Michael! \m/

01.11.2019 13:15

Dude this is amazing! Really love this one, probably my favorite of your songs that I have heard so far. Kind of reminds me of soundgarden a little bit. Great work on the video as well. @tipu curate

02.11.2019 05:40

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 30/35)

02.11.2019 05:41

Thank you so much Carlgnash :) it means much to me! \m/

02.11.2019 07:39

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02.11.2019 05:42