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Funny Photo's Contest on Steemit


Dear Steemians,

I’m delighted to announce to all Steemians that I am holding a contest called “Fuuny photo’s contest on steem” in showing gratitude to Steemit Community, have decided to give back to the community in order to promote steem; 12 Steem will be share to 3 Lucky Winners.

Funny-selfie photo's is open to everyone irrespective of the reputation low or higher, but your contribution to this contest must be original, mind you it may involve two or more people to feature, but you must appear on the photo as well; must be your original photo.

How can you win this Steem you ask? below is the rules to follows for you to be eligble.

Rules as Follows:

  1. You must upvote this post to increase/add to the price pool, it doesn’t matter your voting weight.
  2. Re-steem is very important, you must re-steem this post and write that you have done so when submitting your contributing, if you don’t resteem this contest your submission may likely not be consider.
  3. You must share this post on other platform and screenshot with proof, you are not to share on paid blog, you can share directly to Facebook or Twitter etc. but not on paid blog; we are doing this to promote steem and to increase the number of viewers.

Having observed these stated rules in the above, mostly rules 2 & 3 relax and having fun, waiting for the winners announcement, Contest closes on: Saturday Night.

Let Fun Begin………………………..

Contest Supported by:

Admi - @xpilar

MOD - @Sultan-aceh


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