Sometimes We Just Have To Pickup The Dog Sh#t In Our Lives


So before I mowed my lawn I usually like to water the lawn a bit, as I don't like it when dust blows in my face from the lawnmower when I don't at least water it down a bit.

Well, in watering it down I find more dog sh#t than I have ever picked up. I am sure it is my neighbor's dog as it was roaming around on its own the other day.

I guess it was in the backyard, but dogs know how to escape the backyard and this dog did find away to escape. Well it is a cute puppy, but I don't want to deal with dog sh#t or dog poop on my own lawn.

Well what you going to do? I just take the shovel and I put it in at my nectarine tree under the grass clippings. Yes, out of side out of mind.

Did you notice in the picture of the flies on the dog sh#t? Can you imagine those same flies landing on your arm with a residue of that dog's sh#t? I don't like that idea.

Remember when Israel was traveling in the desert and God told Moses to have the people carry a paddle so when they would relieve themselves they could turn around and cover that which came out of them.

As it is written, And thou shalt have a paddle upon thy weapon; and it shall be, when thou wilt ease thyself abroad, thou shalt dig therewith, and shalt turn back and cover that which cometh from thee: Deuteronomy 23:13.

See, this a more orderly way to deal with human dung.

Now in Los Angeles the homeless are leaving their dung on the streets. Well, that can lead to a lot of diseases.

When I used to take care of my nephew's German Shepard I used to just have a good sized hole in the backyard. Then I would check the area daily with a shovel and I would put the dog sh#t in the hole. When the hole got full I would then cover it with dirt then I would dig another hole. I kept that up for years.

I really hate to step in some dog sh#t. Then I would have to clean my boots or shoes. I would rather take a shovel to it, then put it out of sight so to keep it out of mind.

I have seen people that walk their dogs and they have plastic bags that they use to pick up their dog's sh#t. Now I like that, cleaning up after their own dogs.

Well, I have a cat, and she does use the litter boxes. She has two of them, but I have seen her go do her deal in the backyard. I have seen her do it on the grass clippings that I put under my fruit trees. Yes, that is the way to do it girl.

Let's end with a scripture, A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel. Proverbs 12:10.

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Image is mine, taken with my Moto G.

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I did wonder in a post here few days ago, why open defecation is still rampant in less developed worlds.

It never occurred toe that this is sometimes often , even in the United States of America!

Diseases aside; open passing of human faecal wastes is an indication of poor perception of moral ethos!!

All should be deployed , by all to ensure the minimization of such , in every climes!!

20.09.2019 07:20

When I was in Hawaii I watched a guy shit right on the street..literally.. right over a gutter drain

20.09.2019 15:33

Even Hawaii?? So bad and Pathetic!!

20.09.2019 21:46


21.09.2019 03:56