So I Am Driving Through Some Traffic


Well, most of us drivers have to deal with traffic. I went to Home Depot to get a tool, then just to get out of the parking lot into the street is a bit of a challenge at certain times.

I mean sometimes you have a little opening then I step on the gas to only step on the brake moments later, like it is a rush to fill in the gaps. Well, during those times you have to keep your eyes open.

Well that reminds me of more with traffic, as I was stopped at my red light, other cars are trying to turn into a shopping area parking lot and they have to stop at their green light, as a woman that is looking at her phone and not at the on coming traffic is maybe texting as she is walking not even noticing the traffic that is backed up waiting for her. Well people do that.

Even when I go to the store I always look around me as cars can come up on you, but this lady that was about my age didn't even notice her surroundings that danger is present.

That reminds me of another time when I was a passenger and my brother was driving. Well he didn't notice that two young women were walking on their red light and not noticing the traffic and my brother just noticed the green light, but not the walkers laughing and looking at each other, but not knowing that they almost got hurt or worse.

I yelled for my brother to stop. He told me why stop, I have the green light. I pointed at the girls laughing and walking their red light not knowing that they were in danger. Then he stopped. This disrupts the flow of traffic.

In my city a lot pedestrians walk even when they have a red light. I would think that if one wants to break the law, one should at least look at the on coming traffic that may not see them.

I remember one time I was at a stop light just minding my own business at the red light. Then a car went on his green light, but he was headed straight for me, that was stopped on my red light, I tried to beep my horn, but I couldn't find where it was since I hardly ever use it.

Well, I thought if he hits me and I live then I will just have to sue him, but then he might not even have insurance. Well, he must have been trying to text someone and didn't even know that he was about to hit me, a guy waiting at his red light.

Well, good for him and me that he finally looked up and turned his car so it wouldn't hit me and it was a close one. Everybody has to practice using their horn as they make need to wake up someone that is asleep doing their phone.

I tell my friends that if they text me, that they better not expect me to text back as it is illegal for me to be operating my phone while I am driving. I will just have to text them back when I park my car. So many accidents and deaths because one is operating their phone and not really operating their vehicle.

Another thing that I notice when driving in the traffic is going on the on ramp to the freeway. I see cars coming onto the freeway cutting in front of a truck that is too close to them. One thing about these big trucks is that they can not stop on a dime.

They could at least have sped up on their lane where they were on to get a little ahead of the truck on the next lane. When they change lanes inches before the truck and you see the truck have to hit the brakes when they do that, that always makes me cringe.

I remember reading a book saying, if you pass a truck, don't turn into its lane until you see two of its headlights in your rear view mirror to safely turn in front of him. I think everyone should do it that way.

May all drivers and pedestrians always keep their heads up looking that the ongoing traffic and not asleep to looking at their phones, knowing that the ongoing traffic can be life and death, but whatever is happening on the phone is not life and death as everyone can always call back a missed call.

Let's end with a scripture, with Jesus speaking, Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed willing, but the flesh weak. Matthew 26:41.

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