My Ice Cream Sandwich


My dad used to buy ice cream all the time. Then he would put the ice cream between two pieces of bread and make an ice cream sandwich.

Now we did have those ice cream sandwiches in the store made with what looked like 2 chocolate cookies with ice cream in the middle and I liked those too, but dad actually made an ice cream sandwich with bread and not two long cookies.

Well, anyway this was back in the 60's. Well we always had bread, but we hardly ever have those more expensive ice cream sandwiches like from the ice cream truck.

So anyway I liked the ice cream sandwiches with the bread.

Yes sometimes I like to do a little twist in the design. Well, after awhile I would take the bread and toast it in the toaster then make an ice cream sandwich on toasted bread.

That would give a unique taste to the ice cream sandwich, an ice cream sandwich on toasted bread. Kind of like that combining the hot with the cold.

I haven't had an ice cream sandwich on toasted bread in a long time. Maybe I will have to get out my old toaster and toast up some bread for an exciting hot and cold ice cream sandwich.

Well, it has been a lot of years since the 60's and now as I write am 60 years old. My dad had passed away over a decade ago, but I still do have some memories like dad making himself an ice cream sandwich.

Well, about the picture. I was at mom's house and I had just finished mowing her front and back lawns. I was resting after mowing the lawns then mom mentioned that she has some ice cream.

Well, I looked at the bread and thought about an ice cream sandwich. I haven't made one of those in a long time. So I did make one for myself and as I had already put a lot of bites into it I thought maybe I would just take a picture of it even though I ate a lot of it all ready.

Let's end with a scripture, And having food and raiment let us be therewith content. 1 Timothy 6:8.

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Thank you, David.
Image is mine, taken with my Moto G.

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Sure looks like a good way to have some ice cream!
I've never had it that way but might give it a try!
Happy 60 to you my friend! Almost there myself! :-)

21.09.2019 06:17

Yes, do try the ice cream sandwich with bread and ice cream. Thanks for the happy 60 @shasta!

22.09.2019 15:10

Good idea for ice cream sandwich.

21.09.2019 12:36

Thank you @zomal!

22.09.2019 15:11

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24.09.2019 21:02

Thank you @creativecrypto!

25.09.2019 09:34