Dave's Custom Media presents: Crypto Theater!!

Hey all!

Crypto Theater is a chance for us to bring our full length content to the DPorn tribe! Click the picture below to be taken to a secret webpage just for DPorn users, so you can watch one of our full videos!

Features will be rotated in and out, and new links will be posted each week!

This week's feature:
"Mommy Punishes Your Little Slut!" starring Heidee Nytes & PrincessXJazmyn!

Click the pic below to watch! Enjoy, ya pervs!

Comments 3

Interesting idea!

03.08.2019 16:54

Interesting take on how things could work in the future with 3rd party websites. Once the dporn UI is sorted we can work on some ideas to set an example for any 3rd party (independent sites) to on board their content in a way which still benefits there website.

03.08.2019 17:58

My concern has always been the permanence of content on blockchain vs. the limited opportunity to monetize the content. This seems like, at least for now, a way to work around it in a way that feels mutually beneficial.

03.08.2019 18:01