Crypto Theater Presents "Heidee Nytes Teaches Princess Jade!

Check out our latest edition of Crypto Theater, "Heidee Nytes Teaches Princess Jade!"
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Princess Jade has been sneaking out of the house to go see the boys in her neighborhood! Her hormones are just out of control, so it’s up to Heidee Nytes to show her how to control herself. While Jazmyn is tied to a chair, Heidee doles out a stern pussy spanking with a leather strap to teach naughty Jade a lesson! After Jade’s horny hole has been punished, Heidee purges her of her dirty thoughts by forcing her to orgasm with a powerful vibrator! Heidee rubs and grinds Jade’s tender little clit, and Jade, lashed to the chair and unable to move or fight back, lets out an earth-shattering orgasm before being left to think about what a dirty whore she’s been.

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