My Pictures From The Municipal Zoological Park Quinzinho de Barros - The Zoo In Sorocaba, Brazil

My Pics From The Municipal Zoological Park Quinzinho de Barros - Sorocaba, Brazil

[Parque Zoológico Municipal Quinzinho De Barros]

Hello! My name is David and I'm a British guy who was born and lived in Cornwall and the UK and now I live in Brazil with my wife, who is Brazilian. My posts are about my life in Brazil, the UK, photography, including tiny planet photos and videos. Today's theme on the Steeming Community is photography, to use the hashtag #Photography-SC. This post is about the photos I took during our visit to the zoo in Sorocaba, Brazil, where we live. 😊

A photo I captured of a butterfly that landed on a flower

A zookeeper feeding a carrot to the elephant

The zoo at Sorocaba is one of the best ones in Brazil. It is 20 minutes from where we live. It covers 37 acres and is a member of the Society of Brazilian Zoos and is considered Brazil's second zoo in terms of species. I took many images when I was there and tried to choose my favourite ones, so here they are in this post. I hope you like them. 😎

A heron

A heron/bird lifting its leg


Male chimpanzee

Male chimpanzee staring at me because of my Chewbacca mask

Ostrich with crossed legs



What did you think of my post? 😊 All the photos you see here on this page were taken by me! See you next time. 👍

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