Cycling Paradise in Bangkok - Bang Krachao. Bangkok Travel Guide

A day of cycling through the tropical greenery - this is Bang Krachao. Photos, prices, and travel tips.


The scheme is simple:

  • Take a public bus to, for example, Khlong Toei Pier (map)
  • Cross the Chao Phraya River on a ferry
  • Rent a bicycle at a pier
  • Enjoy cycling and peace for the whole day

Crossing the Chao Phraya River

What is Bang Krachao

They call Bang Krachao (or Bang Kachao) the Green Lung of Bangkok, and there is a reason for that. Bang Krachao is a huge suburb area covered with parks, gardens, swamps, and canals.


Bang Krachao is also a neighbourhood with plenty of private houses scattered among the greenery.

The atmosphere is relaxing, visitors are welcomed. At the same time, the place has not lost authenticity since it is visited mostly by Thai weekenders, not foreign vacationers.

Most people explore Bang Krachao on bikes. The area's length is several kilometres so walking is not the best option.

After a sudden rain

Bang Krachao is covered with the net of charming elevated bike roads which are perfect for exploring the area on a bicycle.

Where to rent a bike in Bang Krachao

You can find bicycle rentals at piers, for example, here. The price can be 60 baht (2 USD) for an old basic bike for the whole day until the evening. They ask for a passport as a deposit. I visited the place many times and never encountered any sort of scam. Leave the document, no reasons for worries.

What to do in Bang Krachao

First of all - Bang Krachao is about exploring the green labyrinth. You can find here a wide range of tropical trees and plants. A dream for nature lovers! :)


There is a beautiful Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park. Cycle over its multiple wooden bridges and visit the birdwatching tower.

There, you can lie down on lawns and read or sleep.

They have a public toilet and a small shop there.

Everybody likes bridges. There are many in the park

Nipa palms at the lake. This photo participates in The World of XPILAR - Landscape / Seascape Photography and Art Contest, Week 074.
heck out Siamese Fighting Fish Gallery. A small place with rows of aquariums and bottles that are contained colourful betta fish. Free entry, open only at the weekend. Bettas became a subject of collecting since the XVIII century in Thailand. These tiny creatures are proclaimed the national aquatic animal and, thus, play in the team with the elephant, the general Thai national animal. :)

Visit Bang Nam Phueng Market (map). Its street food meets high Thai standards - a great diversity and quality. Prices are local, 1.3-3 USD for a dish.

Peculiar goods at the market: plates with fresh black pepper and pea eggplants, 10 Thai bahts (0.3 USD). Carambola fruits on the left, chilli on the right.

Enjoy cool cafes scattered in the area, drink a cup of European coffee with a cake. Bangkok Tree House is also considered a place to take a look - a fashionable restaurant and hotel in the middle of jungles.

Visit farms anand temples..

A hydroponic farm where you can order a fresh vegetable salad


The bike roads go far and cover even Bang Krasop (map).

DSC_4884.JPGEdible bilimbi fruits over a road. They taste like wood sorrel / oxalis / кислица

Wheno visit Bang Krachao

The weekdays are good for chilling out within Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park (map).

DSC_4442.JPGShelters from the rain
As for the rest, better to come at the weekend when the infrastructure (the market, rentals, street food, etc) works to a full extent.

Thank you for reading and happy travels to you! you! :) ...

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