Boost Your Steemit Articles with Advanced Grammar Checker! (PowerUp 100%)

It could be that a grammar checker you have on your computer or phone is not quite effective. I have installed a free add-on Grammarly on my browser and I was impressed.

Potential mistakes shouldn't prevent us from writing in English. But I believe we must do our best to avoid a grammar mess. A good grammar checker is an easy solution.

First of all, you can use Grammarly right in Steemit's posting window:


It has a separate interface too:


As you see, it not only corrects grammatical errors but also gives explanations.


It can also notice missing or wrongly chosen words like prepositions, articles, and pronouns, and offers good bits of advice about that.


It makes sure you consistently stick to the same spelling system, the British or American one. You can choose one in the settings.


Grammarly goes further and makes suggestions about the writing style as well as assumptions about the emotional features of your text.

You can get statistics for your article as well:


I use a desktop version but they have an app for iOS and Android too. Check the official website -

Grammarly can't make you a native speaker but it does clean the text well. Install this free add-on and check your Steemit stories. Probably, you will learn much as I did.

If you use a grammar checker, please share your experience in the comments.

Thank you for reading!


This is my 13th day of "14 days of DIVING". I am posting this review as a "50/50" but I commit myself to transfer SBD to SP to Power Up 100%. According to the rules mentioned here.

Comments 7

I must try, thank you)

Надо попробовать, благодарствую)

11.04.2021 18:51

Thank you for reading! :)

13.04.2021 16:32

Вроде установил)
Но после гугл транслейта пишет, что всё хорошо. Видимо подхалимничает ))

13.04.2021 17:02

Может, капризничает )

Я вот вставил один из постов рэндомно. Нашлись ошибки:

"In Russian it is simply called a sandwich. You can call it a complex sandwich, because in addition to bread and butter, there are several other ingredients."

Три пунктуационные.

То есть, пунктуацию он тоже смотрит бесплатно.

Вот так правильно:

In Russian, it is simply called a sandwich. You can call it a complex sandwich because, in addition to bread and butter, there are several other ingredients.

И вот еще там же:

All we have to do is put the ham on top and garnish with herbs. - потерянное местоимение, надо так: "garnish IT with herbs" (может, это и не страшно, не знаю).

Мелочевка, конечно... Но что-то нашел.

14.04.2021 19:01

Русский текст не проверял)) Конечно, есть разговорный со смыслами по умолчанию. Автопереводчик их вообще переводит весело. Наш то человек и с полуслова понимает, намёка достаточно. Я иногда в коментах намеренно усложняю задачу для переводчика, когда текст в основном для своих ))
А литературный он да, более строгий и стройный.
Вот проверил этот комент по-русски. Пишет, что всё окей)) "Выглядит неплохо" - его фраза)))

14.04.2021 20:25

These grammar tools are great, but I like the charm of missing articles and inappropriately used words.

11.04.2021 23:46

:--) Probably, it is like virtual cultural travelling - on steemit, you can find many different ways of chatting, different ways of making mistakes. :)

12.04.2021 13:44