How Would You Effectively Secure Your Personal Data Online?

|| Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay ||

It is surmised that the average web user is tracked by about hundred advertising technologies daily. That may not surprise you until you see the kind of personal data they actually collect.

Most non-technical web users are nonchalant about companies tracking their personal data. This attitude has allowed many companies to track your personal data and use it for their own ends, thus profiting enormously therefrom. To make matters worse many of these companies had put in place insufficient security measures to secure these data resulting in data being stolen by hackers. GDPR has somewhat checked these corporate behavior.

Whilst legislation can provide some protection, there is a lot the data owner can do secure his own data. Here personal preferences would dictate the type and amount of data you are willing to share and the technologies you would use to secure your own data. The choices would necessarily vary widely from person to person.

What would you do to effectively secure your personal data online? Share your ideas with us.

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