SPUD-Doodle-do 2020

Another year, another decade, another SPUD

Probably my last for a little while.. been a good run..

last one I got gifted a bunch of SP

thanks @hingsten for the gift of 1500 SP

and thanks @reflektor for 2000 SP

and thanks for putting this thing on @streetstyle..

info on it is here

I grabbed up some 1900 Steem

and Spud'd it up

Final numbers:

Happy New Year, steemers..

not really doing a ton of NY resolutions... but been focussing on 'Level Up Life'


a great app that allows you to set goals from some present lists/categories, and do a bunch of stuff...

Some are obvious like brushing your teeth daily.. and some are bucket list stuff like "see the eiffel tower'

So if I have NY resolution, it's to live life more fully

put that into a hashtag-meme and live it...


my last month's SPUD, in case you want to play along at home..

my first SPUD..

Some past posts...

In case you haven't been following my @actifit posts (and I don't blame you), where I dissect every step of my daily walks.. Here's a few past posts to get you up to speed on my brain:

introduce myself post

one of the last things I wrote

one of my last good posts... and it's even not all that good

And if anyone wants to earn crypto while learning.. here's some links..

full disclosure.. I get moolah for referrals..

join coinbase and get a $10US when you spend $100

Earn EOS when you learn about EOS

Earn Stellar Lumens when you learn about Stellar Lumens

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Amazing #steempower up moves @darrenfj supporting #spud Thank you so much for such a great gesture , happy new year 2020!!

02.01.2020 03:38

Still trying do my part :D

02.01.2020 05:08

Awesome stuff @darrenfj! I'm so glad to see that you're still here and going strong!
You've come very far in just a year.
A true Steemian :)

A Happy & Healthy New Year to you and your family, and may the year 2020 bring you everything you wish for and more!

@tipu curate

02.01.2020 03:38
02.01.2020 03:39


Not as engaged lately as in the early part of the year, but hoping to throw myself back into it..

02.01.2020 05:09