The beautiful actifity and flower

Hygiene is part of faith.
Yes, yes, that is often the case, yes, this afternoon I walked around the complex where I live, I feel the beauty and feel comfortable.

yes when I walk, I feel the beautiful scenery both left and right of the road.
so many flowers that I found that I tried to take pictures together with these flowers and take pictures with my friend.

yes even though in sability I really like traveling,

even though it is still around my house complex, the people are good and always maintain cleanliness, by keeping clean everything will be more beautiful and more interesting when viewed by our eyes.

therefore cleanliness is part of faith. we have to do and practice every day.

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Thanks partiko

27.09.2019 15:37

Thanks you steemitboard

27.09.2019 18:25

Nicely done! Keep up the cleanliness.

27.09.2019 18:25

Ok brother

28.09.2019 02:42

I tend to think of cleanliness as the outward expression of a clean uncluttered mind. I've known some very clean atheists, so not sure about the connection to Faith tho. :)

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28.09.2019 03:51

Thanks you. Ok

28.09.2019 04:49