Every day we meet people who tell us that we cannot achieve such a thing because many have tried and failed and many times the circumstances we live day by day overwhelm us and we feel disillusioned and for whatever negatively we hear we are paralyzed.

There are many causes that intimidate us today to make us fall or weaken about what we want to achieve.
We all have dreams and goals because we fight, we all want to see our dreams come true, we have all forged a goal to achieve.

Today I have many dreams and goals that I want to achieve but for this I need to stand firm in what I want and not let anything or anyone weaken my faith although I confess that many times I have looked far away from my dream and it is not because I do not believe God but that in every carelessness I hear wrong voices that say to me: that is impossible there is no possibility nor are the circumstances given for that dream to be fulfilled but I also confess that I quickly raise my thoughts to support myself in the author and finisher of faith and not let doubt or current circumstances kill my dream.
Many people are sad because they think they will not get their dreams because they put their eyes on earthly things and obviously when this happens we lose vision and faith
but Jesus told his disciples on one occasion the following:

Luke 18:27
27 "What is impossible for men is possible for God," Jesus said. (New International Version (NIV)


These words are truly my hope is my true motivation that makes me walk in faith fight to reach my goal and realize my vision on this earth.
For her I fight daily in her, I wait with faith to look at that materialized dream and be able to obtain my victory.

Every year that ends and every year that begins I wait for my promise I wait for that dream that was born in my heart that I have seen in the spiritual world and that has not yet materialized but I expect it more than the sentries in the morning although they tell me that it is impossible I will continue to believe and wait patiently.

Did anyone tell you that you couldn't do it? For I invite you to persevere to wait well in God we trust and there is nothing impossible for Him

Encourage to continue believing in that dream that you think is lost. There are no losers in God. He can do everything!

I wait for my promise and you can also do it we must declare it and believe it and we must even draw it in our mind we must look at ourselves executing it in the place and at the desired time.

¡God will do it because He honors faith and hope!


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Blessings beloved, for him who believes everything is possible.

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el señor te continúe bendiciendo mi hna por atender a tantos niños. mi hna hay un discord para cristianos ?

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si pero, estamos por el telegram también


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Excellent Darlenys we can do everything in Christ that nois strengthens.

07.01.2020 20:57

Thanks for the reminder. God bless you.

08.01.2020 08:08

Amen, I believe that God can help us realize our dreams in his perfect time, he always guides our steps so that his will is done.

God bless you my sister @darlenys01.

11.01.2020 02:30