Romans 12: 9Love is without hypocrisy; hating the bad, applying them to the good.
2 Corinthians 2:17For we are not like many, who trade with the word of God, but with sincerity, as from God {and} before God we speak in Christ.
The psalmist David sang: “Because you, O Jehovah, are good and ready to forgive; and loving kindness to all who invoke you is abundant. ” (Psalm 86: 5.) Are you, like Jehovah, "ready to forgive"? The benefits are many.

The difficult thing about Sarah's faith is having faith without hearing a word we all need to hear one day: Sorry. In every relationship, there will be wounds, difficulties; And one pretends that the other has the same faith, without having told him the right words. And it's hard when someone walks with you for a long time, without listening to what they need to be free and be able to make the promise come true; A sincere, honest forgiveness. Having faith without forgiving is impossiblsible.

“When one expresses remorse, it must be mandatory, real, with a load of authenticity. The emotional expression has to be sincere and deep, so that the victim cannot feel cheated. ”

References:Biblical text: Version Reina-valera 1960.

Message Extract::"Bible in his presence."Translated Spanish.Edition: www.casacreacion.com


Hebrews 11:11 tells us of Sarah being barren. But Sarah was not always sterile; It became sterile. In Genesis 12, Abraham has an economic problem, decides to go down to Egypt, and gives it to Pharaoh, saying he was his sister. And the Bible says that God makes her sterile, closes her belly. What woman wants to get pregnant with a man who gives her away? God closes Sarah's belly to protect her because, if Pharaoh pregnant her, the promise was damaged. God closes his belly so he never receives seed from the enemy. And when Sarah leaves Egypt, something even more difficult happens: Abraham leaves there richer. Abraham never saw the consequences of what he did because he came out more prosperous, but with a barren woman. How sad when your riches are external, but with whom you walk, it is barren! Abraham thought that nothing had happened, that everything was fine; He made a mistake, but left there more prosperous; For him, life would go on and on. And yes, life goes on, but it doesn't stay the same. Because, when you have someone by your side who, because of something you did, closed your belly, it is no longer the same. Everything seems normal outside, but inside there is something that is not right.

Twenty-five years took Sarah to forgive Abraham. Some people want their spouse to have their same faith, but you have done things that have made you sterile, and you have never heard the only thing you need to hear in order to be free and open to what God has for your life: Sorry.

Hebrews 11:11 says that God gave him strength, and Sarah gave birth even out of time. The biggest problem you have when you're hurt by someone, is that you lose two things: Your strength and your time. God makes Sarah conceive giving her strength, because she didn't have it, and God makes her conceive out of time. You know you have a great promise from God, but the time comes and you have no strength, or the time is not right; And you spend your whole life knowing that God wanted to give you an Isaac, but you don't have the strength and you think it's not time, because you are hostage to someone who never told you: Sorry.

God tells Abraham that he will give him a son; Messengers arrive at his house, and he knew they were people of God; And God tells him that he would give him a son with Sarah, because the one he has is not the one God promised. The one God promised him, he promised with Sarah. And the Bible says that Abraham laughed; and Sarah was listening, and laughed too. Abraham's laugh was of faith, of joy because God was going to do it; Sarah's was a sarcastic laugh.

“12 Sara laughed at each other, saying: After I have aged I will have delight, also being my lord already old? 13 Then Jehovah said to Abraham: Why did Sarah laugh, saying, Is it true that I am to give birth when I am old? 14 Is there anything difficult for God? At the appointed time I will return to you, and according to the time of life, Sarah will have a child. ”Genesis 18: 12-14

Maybe you don't have strength today, and you think your time has passed. You think that from the day they did such a thing to you, the other thing happened to you, your belly closed. You live with that emotional charge inside you, and you have your life behind, when all you had to hear was: Sorry. They sold you, betrayed you, and your time continues to pass, and you fight, wasting strength to forget that yesterday, but you are killing yourself inside. Time passes, but God's promise is there. Maybe you will never hear of the person who hurt your forgiveness. Sarah never heard Abraham's forgiveness, but Sarah heard God talk about her. When the one who hurts you, the one who hurts you, the one who abandoned you, does not know how to speak well of you, does not know what he has to say and does not know how to ask for forgiveness, there is a God who has not forgotten you, who continues speaking of you, who says: What I promised you, I will give it to yoo you.

Forgiveness brings great benefits to our lives:

Today Golls you: I will keep your promise, you will laugh. Isaac means: God made me laugh. God, above your strength and your times, gives you what you need. Sarah never heard Abraham apologize, but she heard God talk about her.

We have to admire Sarah; Walk next to a man who gives you, and keep believing; See him have a child with another person, and see him there, reminding you of what happened.

But Sarah one day understood that she didn't have to hear from Abraham; He would have liked, he would have liked it, but when Abraham does not speak, God speaks for Abraham. God will speak for those who have done you wrong, those who do not know what to say; He tells you: What I promised you, I will fulfill, even if you think it is out of time.

In Genesis 20, Abraham makes the same mistake again; They go to Abimielech, and Abraham tells Sarah to say he is his sister. But on this occasion, something very different happened; When Sarah enters Abimelech's house, God appears to her in dreams and says: Don't touch her. The first time, God was silent, but this second time, no. When you are not on the lips of those who are supposed to defend you, there is a God who, from heaven, defends you and speaks to stop what he has to stop.

God will not allow the same thing to happen again. God will speak for you. Your name has always been on the lips of God and wherever you go He will speak well of you. When man does not ask forgiveness, God reminds you that what He promised you will fulfill. And when the world wants to harm you again, He will stand before them and say: To him, do not touch him; There is something that I have for that person.

Today you receive strength. You are not out of time. If you are in the time of God, what He promised you will be fulfilled in your life. Today God tells you what another should have told you: Sorry. Blessed are you who have endured. There is reward for your life. Your name is on the lips of God. He is responsible for defending you. It is very sad that people deny us what we need so much, something so simple. But this is your time. It is your time if God says that it is your time, if God says that it is now, that it is today, that it is for you, that it is youryours.

Timely and sincere forgiveness is the only cure for resentment, envy and resentment. It is necessary to remember that these feelings can be mutual due to a misunderstanding. That is why it is important to forgive even if others do not forgive and thus break that vicious circle, understanding that love is a stronger feeling than hate.

------- hate.


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05.08.2019 13:42

To forgive means to excuse someone who has offended us or not to consider their fault. In the Bible, the Greek word translated "forgive" literally means "to let in," as when a person stops demanding that he be paid a debt. Jesus used this comparison in teaching his disciples to pray: "Forgive us our sins, because we ourselves also forgive everyone who owes us" (Luke 11: 4). Similarly, in the parable of the slave who showed no mercy, Jesus explained that forgiveness is like the cancellation of a debt (Matthew 18: 23-35).

05.08.2019 14:33

We forgive others when we stop resentment and do not insist on asking for compensation for the damage they have done to us or for the loss we may have suffered. The Bible teaches that forgiveness is based on sincere love, since love "does not account for harm" (1 Corinthians 13: 4, 5).

05.08.2019 14:36

"Forgive" everything that seems like an offense. Sometimes, instead of having to forgive a supposed contempt, what we really need is to recognize that we have no valid reason to be offended. The Bible mentions: "Do not hurry in your spirit to feel offended, because offense is what rests in the bosom of stupid people" (Ecclesiastes 7: 9).

05.08.2019 14:37

Forgiveness is a virtue that can heal your heart, spirit and soul.

05.08.2019 14:38

Learn to give love and have love for yourself
If you love other people and especially yourself, it will always be easier to forgive. Forgiveness is an act of love towards others and towards you.

05.08.2019 14:39

Teach others to forgive
When you have managed to forgive a person, write it down in your journal with the intention that others can read it or share it with a family member or friend and so you can build your life.

05.08.2019 14:40

The peace that comes from sincere forgiveness has no limits: when you learn to forgive, you can sleep better, smile more, have love to share and follow your life without spending energy of life, hating others. Never underestimate the healing power it has. A person who does not forgive has a very lonely life. Forgive to be forgiven, and find peace in your heart.

05.08.2019 14:43