This project exists as a group on the cryptocommunity that has been comfirmed as a real solution by the government to establish a standard solution for exchange in it. The solutions will take care of the mining of cryptocurencies as well as the exchange activities since it has the license to operate and also has the tools which makes it a standard network. It will take a part in the coordination and distrubution of cryptocoins supporting the government in one way or the other and also in all the negotiations that will be carried out. Invecg has been made to support the government and give users a hope for a better cryptocommunity.


INVECH will be in charge of different online and offline business transactions and retail operations between users, creating a transparent network for the success of their activities and exposing them to benefits.

It will open new portals of payments for the to have different types of payment portal. There would be the acceptance of cryptocoins and also of the fiats money. This will give users the option to use any type of money they possess without having no limitations.

The equipments used for IT will be supervised for their upkeeps, it will ensure they are in good condition and also be in charge of their sales when any transaction would be done in that aspect. All those users who desire to have any activities or programs connected to IT will be granted attention. Proper consultation and programming exercise will be done with a perfect way of repairing the non effective IT equipments.
Hotels, casinos and other lottery establishments will be positively affected by INVECH. It will also perform hotel management duties and be in charge of many web operations. This platform is complete in itself, ensuring the development of so many sectors or companies.


Its main aim is to improve the quality of life through the application of the cryptocommunity, establish a perfect economy and create stability in the economy. This is a way of saying it is made to improve all aspect of humanity through its thriving.

It will take over as it uses its token for all of this purposes. INVECH token will bring about direct investments, it will serve as a currency to regulate every processes and also to increase the level of employment in users. Having this token as a user gives so much advantages because its invention was planned to be a supportive element for the project. It will be used more like an alternative token, regulating the ecosystem and also encouraging investments that can put an end to the fast growing rate of unemployment. Thw agricultural sector as well as the tourism will be tokenized, such that people easily get capital and are capacitated to improve their lives by the businesses they do. This will be an advantage to the people in the Timor Leste region anyways. The government will have something to gain from these, all matters pertaining to consultancy will be handled, tech matters inclusive and regular advice will be issued through this project. It also affects the quality of education in this generation, creating more rooms for the you get generation to study and improve the community they live in.

The interaction with the vast cryptocommunity improves it through the decentralisation possessed and the forces that add up to make the cryptocommunity a strong network. This is a leverage for Invech to affect or take up many industries that has been limited with the power of centralisation. This platform is the undisputed solutions in this generation, it has the power of decentralisation, it's a full global network that can easily penetrates the entire system of the world and is possessing the great speed to operate in order to affect the world's economy. But as it is capable on its own, it also demands the cooperation of the industries to revolutionize Timor Leste, such that it functions digitally.



There are sets of laid out plans to follow to accomplish that anyways, and as they are deployed for necessarily actions, the expected result will be seen. It looks forward to users that will invest and join in achieving this goal. It will have its exchange lauched soon to enable fast and reliable trading for all traders and at the same time, those who will join it in the aim will form a part of it early enough.

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