There are so many good side to assessment in an enterprise, it makes any fault seen on time and allows corrective actions to be carried out without delay. This has been the way many sophisticated entities operate to bring out the best from their services. They are able to achieve the integrity of all records and many more breakthrough in their activities using the standardized assessment solutions. Meanwhile, not all companies are big enough or financiaIly stable to follow this approach so many often settle for the traditional standard which is not effective. This is why there is need to decentralised the big approach to auditing that brings about greater benefit to many management rather than just the few that are doing well financiaIly and this is what lead me to introduce you to the importance of Auditchain.


This very special innovation functions as a smartcontracts based ecosystem with decentralised operations in executing real time audit for users to have an improvement in their performance. It is constructed on the digital ledger to enhance its capacity and make independent reporting of data easy for many users. All the presentations offered in this community is made accessible through a special system that Audichain has provided and that allows users to handle all types of data and to have them displayed at will at any point in time. Many other establishments that performs the auditing activities as well as accounting can be trusted as much as this network can be trusted due to reliable features this one possesses in contrast to the existing types. It provides very reliable features and is not limited in scope as it operates. This project has its way with smartcontracts designed specially to make data secured in the ecosystem. The smartcontracts perform the function of recording and storing the data of users irrespective of types or source.


The implementation of which is made of different types of protocols like GAAP protocol, the government accounting protocols and the IFRS altogether forming a strong community. All the transactions of partakers are taken care of with the protocols including the land tax treatment. This is why all users will feel secured in this project with their data stored up the right way thus saving them from being exploited.


The token used in this ecosystem plays a big part in its development and the services rendered to users. This is the AUDT token which is meant for utilities. This token allows users to access all the other features of the innovation and provide them with additional benefits as a real user. AUDT is an ERC-20 token based on ETH, it is meant to serve all the members registered under this setup all at once as they go for as much as they want it. There is no limit to the use of this currency and it works with lot of benefits to users. It serves as the reward system, for payments of fees and as incentives for users in the ecosystem.

The general audience will be involved in the special event done with the token known as tge token generation event. This will be of benefit to all the investors and other users of cryptocoins altogether and that will make a big difference. This event is to raise the potential of the network, provide more information about the innovation to users and make it accessible to them.

The team put this innovation strategically on the digital ledger to serve their need for effective accounting and audit which so many partakers still lack till today. As the important thing they should be able to to sustain Audichain makes this a reality. This provision however comes with the stable financiaI reporting system which makes all entities able to plan ahead of the future in order to take decisions that will be in their favor. Then all the greedy setup with false accounting system will be avoided and prevented from taking advantage of the goodness of Audichain.



While the team remains aware of what goes on in the commercial market, it plans to handle the audit and accounting for all entities with the strong support of the digital ledger and the ever efficient smartcontracts. This is the only way those affected or helpless entities can do well. The small companies will no longer have to raise high budgets to get their audit services as long as they have this network which all of that services available at the right time on the very transparent and safe network. Finally, the services here will be much more cheaper, readily available to for all users, available for all growing setup and very transparent with the involvement of the AUDT native token.

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