Cryptos Bulls Vs Bears Today 12/01/2020


Hello peeps,
How are you doing today?
The bullish trend continues as some cryptos gains more values while few fall.
The market is currently up with about 1.22% and their are many gainers in the market.
The year is getting better and older which we really need.
For the Gainers Vs Losers game, below is the analysis for both areas

92iz2jq1i8.pngImage credit: Coinbase

For the gainers, Centrality is at the top most with about 11.32% which is directly followed by Ontology with about 8.11%, Ox with about 6.72%, Dash with about 5.63% and lastly, NEO with about 5.43%.
This is a great chance for those that could hold any of these cryptos back then to sell it.

dhk9np6pd3.pngImage credit: Coinbase

This is the area for investors.
Monero takes the lead with about -3.58% and it's followed by Orchid with about -3.26%, Chainlink with about -3.09%, Cosmos with about -3.04% and lastly, Ethereum Classic with about -2.66%.
What are you waiting for.
Be the investor of the day by putting some cash into any of these cryptos and wait for the right time.

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