Colorchallenge: Monday Red Market Place

Hello steemians,
How are you doing today?


It's another Monday Red on colorchallenge photography here on steemit and this is what I have for today's challenge.
This is of of the best old photo that I could find for today's challenge.
If you've been checking my photo challenge, I have used this photo some time ago for colorchallenge and today it's coming up again as my contribution to today's challenge.
I hope you like my photo.
Daily Colorchallenge Topics
Monday is Red
Tuesday is Orange
Wednesday is Yellow
Thursday is Green
Friday is Sky-blue
Saturday is Indigo
Sunday is Purple

You can be part of this photo challenge by having your own photos and using the first tag as colorchallenge.
You can check my blog to see some of my posts here on steemit.
Don't forget to show me some love with your vote.
Thanks for viewing my post.

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