CRYPTO ACADEMY WEEK 5 HOMEWORK POST FOR [@gbenga] All About Blockchain Security

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Cryptocurrency in cryptograph does not mean it is not vulnerable to security hackers.

We understand the nature of cryptographs to increase data security or surveillance systems.
However, in cryptocurrency there is also human error and carelessness with security keys.

There are also types of exchanges and wallets that play an important role in the security of your assets.

Hackers search for faulty users via email to get into your wallet and steal your funds.

Additionally, hackers can take advantage of user funds by sending you spam links or advertisements.

There is also another security in Cryptocurrency due to the user's own fault, the user stores their private key in their email or the Internet.

This action creates your private key, it will be very easy for hackers to exploit and hack your funds.

It is highly desirable for you to store your private keys outside of the internet. And the safest way to store your private keys in vault, or write on paper.


Inside a Cryptocurrency wallet there are a series of alphanumeric combinations pulling functions to allow users to have access to their wallets.

to see how an asset is performing or to send someone's asset to another wallet, this alphanumeric combination exists as a Private key.

The other side of the private key is the Mnemonic key which has 12 words or more, its function is to send assets back to another wallet or to recover funds.


It is very important to keep your mnemonic keys or private wallet safe, this is the only way available to recover your assets, in case of loss or theft of your phone.

You can use it again to access your account. anonymously and take your assets back.

necessary to keep your keys safe from security threats.


Most wallets use the recovery phrase as a security key to recover a lost wallet. But if the recovery phrase is lost, the wallet is lost with all the assets on it.

Most people keep their wallet private keys or recovery phrase on their computers.

It will be very easy for hackers to have login access, hackers can import the wallet into their own wallet and hackers will transfer all your assets, leaving the wallet empty. this can happen without the owner's knowledge.


By @dani0661
Special thanks to Professor @gbenga @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02

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