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It’s the worst. Without knowing what I would talk about first during this ‘how I assemble an article’ series or how I would even structure it; titles, closing sentences, etc, before I knew what direction this idea would take me, the post button automatically got shuffled to the back..


...about it.

Makes me crazy. Whenever I’m releasing something funny—stop! :rewind: fhcvgsdujpfrgeknvc :play: Makes me crazy. Whenever I’m releasing something ithink is funny—one where I’m “oh man, I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this is funny” and my objective is to make you laugh and I might’ve even tagged #funny and #comedy and they’re right next to each other and if nobody votes it right away I’ll wonder why and begin thinking things like maybe it’s because I used too many and’s in that one sentence. 🤔

Drawings too. Clicking the post button after a drawing or, anything artsy really, oh Funk! Talk about a mess—sweaty hands, all nervous and jittery like I snorted a cot of poffee.... pot of coffee, whatever, you know what I mean.

Cover images can take time but they’re not bad, nothing that needs to be paced out around the house, they’re a cinch compared to the post button. Titles have a mind of their own and opening sentences can hold me up for what seems to be forever but the post button is an emotion backed click of transparent permanency.

You know that feeling you would get if you sent the wrong picture of yourself to the wrong person? Or what it feels when you wake up to the reflection of brake lights glowing in your windshield? They’re kind of like that, post buttons and, the more I edit this sentence, the longer I can avoid clicking the Martha Focker and never have to feel like there’s a barrage of cops in the rear view mirror—hands on the 10 & 2 and I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really hope this axe body spray isn’t obvious!!! Closing sentences aren’t bad at all.


The #howiblog series is now available in a convenient, handheld, 4-piece box set of illuminated screen you’ll only find on the #steem blockchain! If you’re just tuning in—the fuuuu cue been?!

**Title****Opening Sentence****Cover image**

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07.09.2019 17:08

My pleasure. Thanks for keeping an eye on me @esteemapp.

07.09.2019 17:33

This needs to be resteemed

08.09.2019 08:12

Thank you @adedapo-glory. I hope you’re having a nice weekend.

08.09.2019 08:27

for you

08.09.2019 15:33

Thank you @eii.

08.09.2019 16:24

To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.

Hey @dandays, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

08.09.2019 15:34

Every single time I get on to the VOS page to post the FAVM contest I get nervous and doublecheck I'm logged in to the right account! 😂 Though even on my account I tend to worry most about some grammar error somewhere that will come back to haunt me later on down the road. At least I know if I scroo it up on a comment on one of your posts, you'll just laugh with me about it.

Pounds the reply button with fervor

09.09.2019 15:07

Ha!! I think I’ve responded with the food fight account twice thinking it was this one. Like, “noooooo!” Then I have to delete it, go back as Dandays and explain what just happened. Now I’m in my head when I’m in that account “sign out when you’re done. Sign out when you’re done.”

Eh, funny and drawings, oh my goodness. I don’t know if I should be admitting it but I’m a mess when it comes to the post button... “what if they don’t think it’s funny??” ..”maybe I shouldn’t shade this part.... the eyes are off,” etc.

I’m not sure how i got into this howiblog series? No surprise I guess, I often wonder where any of this comes from. But it was a lot of fun actually! I’m glad you followed along @plantstoplanks, thank you.

09.09.2019 16:24

You know that feeling you would get if you sent the wrong picture of yourself to the wrong person?

Oh yeah...tell me about it; I did that once!!!! It turned out okay though because she wanted to see more… real life :>)

11.09.2019 05:33

You know you’re good at making me laugh, right? I know how difficult it is to have a satire humor online, you’re good at it, sir.

11.09.2019 09:19

Yeah, Dan...being humorous can be a challenging task online especially it seems with satire because we're dealing with people from all walks of life globally with different ideas about what is funny or not.

The language barriers don't help much either; various intelligence and esteem levels come into play as well. Another factor is that the tone of voice, facial expressions and general body language signals are absent from text, alone.

You have a particularly good sense of humor from what I've gathered, especially for satire, dry and I suspect most comedic styles, because of your exceptionally high intelligence me :>)))

11.09.2019 18:58

Are you serious about the intelligent part or was that satire again. All of this lack of body language and tone of voice, I’m not sure if I’m an idiot or you’re hilarious?!

😉 You’re too cool @angryman. I’m glad we met.

11.09.2019 20:14

Are you serious about the intelligent part or was that satire again

I was serious... :>) … Now don't let the compliment fatten your head too much.

By the way, I dropped your name in a comment to whatsup who put out a call for possible inclusion in her curating votes and adding to the 'trail' voting. I see that they have visited your post and left some love :>)

13.09.2019 14:36

Man, they’ve passed through twice, thank you! I wasn’t sure who to thank for that. I really appreciate that sir, it’s nice to feel recognized by the big wallets.

Happy Friday the 13th, sir.

Posted using Partiko iOS

13.09.2019 14:53

Yeah can thank ME...and some guy named jsplatts or something like that who seconded the notion :>)

You OWE me BIG TIME now that they hit you up TWICE !!!! I'll happily except that all expense paid round trip vacation to Thailand you've been considering gifting me with...or, just the equivalent payoff in steem to my wallet :>)))

In the meanwhile...go read and VOTE on my last post brudda...

Happy Friday the 13th to you guys too.

13.09.2019 17:14