A Call For Help

Look, she didn’t want me to do this but I’m starting to trip out—I can’t imagine what’s going through her mind. My wife, @puravidaville, the most beautiful woman in my life and one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met is experiencing some medical complications that we can’t get diagnosed for the life of us.

About a year prior to us leaving the United States, we began spending time in multiple doctors offices between Los Angeles and San Francisco, trying to figure out the drastic increases and decreases in her blood sugar levels. They’ve ran so many blood tests on her, extracting vial after vial of blood, and ran her through enough extensive machinery, one would think the answer would be in black and white by now—it’s not. A doctor in Los Angeles attributed her symptoms to leaky gut syndrome, prescribed some antibiotics, and sent us on our way. That seemed to work for a few months.

When we arrived in Central America, her symptoms returned. Upon visiting a doctor in Costa Rica without any luck, we were referred to a doctor in Panama who we were told could help—we went to Panama. Her thyroid came back normal, “leaky gut” wasn’t mentioned, however, for the first time in over a year of medical testing, she was diagnosed pre-diabetic—whatever the F that means?!

Around the same time, prior to leaving the states, she learned she can’t consume gluten without her chin and neck area breaking out into a sort of reddish colored rash. For those of you who have been following us, you’re already aware that she and I are about as healthy as we can possibly be with our eating habits. Neither of us eat meat other than fish, we don’t consume any dairy, there’s actually a wOrd that defines our eating practices—pescatarian. On top of that, Pura doesn’t consume any table sugar, she doesn’t cook with it, purchase it, nothing. The only sweetener she’ll use, even when cooking is, Agave, xylitol on occasion, but primarily fructose from apples—that’s it!

Pura doesn’t smoke. She partakes in zero street drugs. She doesn’t drink alcohol, ever. She consumes at least 1,000 calories a day in fruits and vegetables and she’s a runner—she runs, on average, 3 miles per day. She doesn’t drink any types of sodas, in fact, she won’t even drink coffee in the morning until she’s had 1 liter of water. We’re the couple at the restaurant who only orders water. Her energy levels aren’t an issue, she never feels sick or anything like that until recently when she consumes gluten—it upsets her stomach for about an hour, along with the irritated skin. They both seem to subside around the same time.

She’s active, she’s aware of her symptoms and doesn’t tread lightly. She has no problems sleeping, her appetite isn’t affected, and her state of mind is never in question. She was diagnosed with a rare pancreatic disorder at a really young age, in her teens and, just recently, her blood pressure now consistently runs low between 58 and 65. I can’t think of any other descriptions to tell you right now although I’m sure I’m missing one or two. Can someone, anyone, please explain this:


These hives just began appearing the week we left Greece (two weeks ago) and now they seem to be reappearing about every other day. She called me when I was at the gym in a panic talking about “we have to go see a doctor, I have hives all over my legs!” I mistakenly assumed she was overreacting but, nonetheless, I rushed back to the apartment to see what she was panicking about. Between the gym and the apartment was a pharmacy. I stopped by and explained to the pharmacist “my wife is having an allergic reaction to something, probably a bug bite, can I get some allergy medicine?” The pharmacist gave me a tube of topical ointment and a 24-pack of pills similar to benedryl.

I walked in the door and saw her legs like “oh my God!” She wasn’t overreacting at all and, for the first time in a long time, I was pretty alarmed. We immediately applied the topical ointment, I think I fed her about a half dozen of the allergy pills and, within an hour, the hives went away.

Before we left Greece, she experienced the hives one more time, took an allergy pill, they went away. But now it’s happening every other day.

Our plan is to go back to the UK, most likely sooner now than later, where she can receive medical attention and hopefully be diagnosed properly. The problem with that is, we’ve visited multiple doctors in multiple countries now, seeking assistance over the same issues and have yet to receive a proper diagnosis. Can you help? Do you know someone who can help? Have you ever heard of or seen anything like this? Don’t be shy. I’m asking you to utilize your resources and help us figure this out.

With everything I just described, as plainly as I can describe it, we’ve taken the same description to various medical facilities and, here I am, reaching out to a bunch of virtual strangers because we need some help.

The cover image is a photo I just snapped 30 minutes ago from a seated position—this is while standing:


Since #writing this article, it’s been about an hour now, the hives have all but subsided thanks to the allergy pill we received in Greece. We really don’t know what to do anymore and I’m hoping someone reading this can pin-point exactly what’s happening—God willing. The hives primarily only occur on her upper thigh area, both legs, with occasional red bumps on her calves and feet. She feels it in her feet first—they begin itching around her ankles. They don’t spread above her waist line.

If you think you know what is going on with her, after this extensive description that she’s going to want to choke me out for revealing, or you’ve seen similar symptoms and know what’s behind it—we’re all eyes. Ask around, please, post around, whatever you have time to do, we both would really appreciate it, we’re open to just about any suggestions at this point. Thank you in advance.




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09.12.2019 07:42

List of clear symptoms: hair shedding, nausea 1.5 hrs after eating (doesn’t seem to matter what it is i.e. carbs vs just veggies), chest angina, frequent urination, low blood sugar, high blood sugar, pancreatitis (onset 13 yrs old and now appears at first sign of yeast infection), eyes sensitive to sunlight, excessive gas after eating anything with sugar or gluten, diarrhea/constipation (mostly the first one though), water retention, slight weight gain with no change in diet or exercise, difficulty losing the weight even with fasting, brain fog, hypoglycemic, missed periods when others every regular, general fatigue but I muscle through, low blood pressure (between 49-60, I take it twice a day, everyday), when it’s cold my toes and fingers go numb… I’m sure I’m forgetting some…

I’m 36, 138 pounds, 5’4, jog regularly, walk 10,000 steps a day at least, eat a pescatarian diet with very low sugar content, tried a Candida diet for 6 months, tried a fish keto diet for 2 (lost too much weight and found it difficult to eat enough daily calories plus I still had many of the symptoms, am currently eating a diabetic friendly diet, only take 1 vegan digestive enzyme a day with dinner and 1 travel probiotic in the morning, no birth control, no other medications, no gluten, no sucrose, light carbs, lots of water, light caffeine (only in morning w 1 cup coffee black)… ask me anything and I’ll tell you.

Not sure if anyone can help or has an idea but we are open to theories. Attn: doctors or health/holistic healers and students. Maybe this is the riddle you’ve been looking for.

Thank you all for your support.

P.s. @dandays, I’m not upset. Thank you for loving me 😘

09.12.2019 07:55

I guess I left a lot out. Like, a lot-lot, not counting the things I intentionally left out—big huge ones you got there. I hope someone reading this makes it simple like “yeah! Same thing happened to me when I ate... sweet potatoes!” Fingers crossed—that would be convenient.

Go figure. 🤔 Release one of the most sincere pieces I’ve ever released on a platform built around #community, in search of much needed help after exhausting nearly every option possible, and I still manage to collect an overwhelming response of downvotes. What a'fa king joke!

09.12.2019 09:39

You are just set on auto DV thanks to the Steem Dufus League. Just like auto upvoting, there is auto downvoting, gnats, just gnats don't let them bother you.

09.12.2019 14:19

Can't help with the health issue, but with the DV's...Just ignore it. Best that way. Do what you do and simply ignore it. We all get them. I know, it sucks. Hope you get to the bottom of that health thing.

09.12.2019 20:59

You’re the best @galenkp—I appreciate your support, thank you! Enjoy your week and don’t be a stranger. The medical issues are real, the downvotes irritate the ish outta me like what’s the point?!

10.12.2019 08:08

You’re the best

Can I bring you to my next negotiation with my boss? It might help with my salary package negotiations to have you there reminding my boss that I am, indeed, the best as I have been explaining to him for years!

The DV's are annoying to all who get them, me included, but I ignore them and just move on. This place changed for me when decided to change my idea of reward from financial to a more important thing...Enjoyment. I just write now, and engage with the other flawed, broken, imperfect nutbags just like me...Humans I mean. A few downvotes could never come close to harming me with that attitude, and I find way more reward through doing so.

I really hope you find some sort of solution for your wife's issues and in the mean time just push on here, and enjoy.

Thanks for responding...I'll give you a buzz when my next review is so you can talk to my boss. 😂

10.12.2019 08:33

Personal question, do you have any implants. Whether breast, butt, IUD, Birthcontrol implant, pace maker anything like that?

09.12.2019 16:15

No, nothing

09.12.2019 21:48

Its parasites. The medical community wont tell you. They had me taking medication for all kinds of shit after I did a very hard routine, i fixed my stomach issues. Bathroom issues etc.. I had breast implants that completely almost killed me. And there's at least a 150000 women right now going through it but it just doesn't stop at breast implants it could be any implant you see the coding on a lot of these things are silicone.

09.12.2019 16:17

I don’t have any implants of any kind. I’ve thought about parasites but I’m not so sure… I’ve done extensive diets for decent amounts of time and saw not much improvement.

09.12.2019 21:49

If you have not had your B-12 levels checked, that is one thing I would get checked when you return home. Being pre-diabetic, a diet rich in fruits may need to be changed somewhat. I was pre-diabetic before being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and just prior to that diagnosis I was doing a lot of semi fresh fruits, and vegetables. When you talk about your blood pressure, I am not sure what your numbers mean, In America my blood pressure while not real low is below that of normal at about 100/60 we have two numbers for blood pressure over here.

The hive issues I experienced also, and the B12 shots seemed to help at the time for me. It sucked having to give myself shots everyday in the stomach, but it beat the hell out of the itch.

At the time I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I was also diagnosed with thyroid disease. I was also diagnosed with IBS about five years prior to the Diabetes, and thyroid issue. IBS was the reason I was on the fruit and vegetable diet, I simply could not eat any animal product for several years. I am now able to eat meat and use animal products in my diet again. My doctor thought the lack of B12 in my system was due to the lack of animal protein, I don't know if that was true or not, just what they told me.

Check with a dietitian, a real one, and get help with a real diet plan to help your body, not a diet plan from a magazine or book. And check that B12 level. I have to go for now. It sucks when multiple issues arise, that I know for a fact.

09.12.2019 20:56

A lot of the issues began before we went plant based and have just got progressively worse as time goes by. I’ve thought about my b12 before but suppose I thought I have way too many symptoms for it to be such an easy fix. I’ll look into it!

For the most part we eat very healthy, mostly Whole Foods, some times a little fish, only about 5-10% processed anything. The only processed would be gluten free rice cakes, or maybe some store bought hummus but that’s really it. I eat way more veggies than I do fruits and when I do eat fruits I eat them with protein or fat to slow digestion down.

It does really suck at this point. We’ve literally been going around like this for a few years. Sometimes I think I’ve stumbled on the answer and then another symptom manifests. It’s crazy! Western doctors have told me they can’t help me, that they don’t know, that although my levels are high or low (blood work) they can’t see anything. All are surprised by my blood work when I share my diet, exercise, and daily regimen with them. I just don’t know anymore. Thank you for responding @bashadow!

09.12.2019 21:57

You are welcome, I have had a lot of issues, and most of them when I examine them, run back to a bad case of giardia that got mis-diagnosed or ignored. Looking for or at parasites by western medical seems to be a hit and miss proposition. I wish you luck on finding the cause and getting help.

09.12.2019 22:04

We need all of the luck we can get! Western health care seems to not be concerned nor even think most of my symptoms are related. Thanks again for your two cents (or is it two sense?).

09.12.2019 22:34

I had my Dr. Lineman Diagnosis hand written note here somewhere but lost them due to the fact that they might seem a little insensitive rather than funny.

The Splatts Family is sending prayers you way. I have a naturopathic Dr. that has done wonders for my Mom. She is off of all Pharmaceuticals and no more migraine headaches. She would get them 4-5 times a week and she couldn't do a thing. She works at the office and I will do what I can to share the info with Dr. Kris Peterson. It's tough being that he can't see you in person but maybe he has some sort of idea that could lead in the right direction.
God Bless!!

10.12.2019 01:08

Man, you are such Gem!!! Thank you for your concern, blessings and input. It’s great to hear your Mom has found relief. Health is such a crucial part of a good life. God bless you and your family Dr. Splatts!

10.12.2019 11:10

Oohh poor @puravidaville.. I have no idea what happened to you, but you really need to see doctors.. I was guessing it's urtikaria, but with the symptoms you mentioned above, my mind lead me to a silly thought about leukeumia and eritema multiformis.

My sister in law once experienced the same hive after being 12 hours sitting on the train from her home to ours. I gave her anti-alergic pills because I thought it was caused by something she ates before, but then we went to see doctor and found out that it's caused by exhausting.

If it never happened to you while you're still in USA, particular tropical paracites could be the cause of it too. Dermatitis atopi something.

09.12.2019 09:41

Thanks @cicisaja! I will look into parasites when we get back to the UK. Fingers crossed it’s something that easy. I appreciate you dropping a line our sweet friend!

09.12.2019 22:19

I hope it's nothing serious but.. take care about your blood pressure and sugar

11.12.2019 15:13

Thanks Cici! 🥰

12.12.2019 07:43

Dang you guys. Super bummed to hear Pura is having such a rough go of things. I've had my fair share of fights with hives, but mine are always triggered from external allergens. #snowflakeskin

I'm out of my scope of expertise, so all I can add is my support and good energy. Though I will call @riverflows over to see if she knows if any of the @naturalmedicine folks might have any ideas on other avenues to research? You could also try hopping in their discord to chat, as well. Some really knowledgeable peeps in there, so couldn't hurt to check. 💚💚💚

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09.12.2019 10:56

Hey plants, any little bit helps. Thanks for taking the time my friend! After a good nights rest maybe I’ll check out the discord channel. It’s always so strange describing our health issues/battles with a new person. Haha we appreciate your support 💪

09.12.2019 22:37

Totally get the frustration and hesitancy to continually bare all, if you will. It's a good group of folks in there, but no pressure to jump on in. @riverflows shared the link to this post to see if anyone who had thoughts could drop by.

If nothing else I can offer laughter. Went to the mall with my mom and my niece today so she could pick out a few little presents for mommy and daddy. We were smelling lotions and I asked her what a particular one smelled like to her (I think it was coconut). "Smells like unicorns" was her response. 🦄 🤷

09.12.2019 23:10

Oh my God, I love that unicorns smell like coconuts. What a beautiful untainted soul. So many smiles happening right now 🥰

10.12.2019 11:08

@cicisaja @scorer @plantstoplanks.

Thank you for resteeming this one—I have a tough time believing she’s the only person who’s experienced these symptoms. Reaching out to Steemit is about the only thing we haven’t tried yet. A big ol’ smooch across the board—thank you.

09.12.2019 11:32

Happy to do what tiny part I can! 🤗

09.12.2019 19:20

@dandays, just an idea. Maybe it helps.

If you know how to communicate to your subconscious mind using Pendulum (first search result on internet), then ask it what it is. I'm not good at it or the information was blocked for me. However, I got an answer that it is not some kind of allergy but an infection.

09.12.2019 21:00

I just checked out that video, thank you! Since we have been traveling all day I’ll check it out more tomorrow. By the way, I agree with you about some kind of infection… I think.

09.12.2019 22:32

When I got out of the shower last night, she was watching that video. The response we received from this article is amazing, thank you for your concern, @scorer! And we love your idea. I’ll be right here with her today when she reaches to her subconscious, once she’s rested and we’ve recouped from flying yesterday.

Strangely enough, both of us believe it’s an infection as well. Thank you for all of your support. We haven’t tried the subconscious thing yet, I’m looking forward to it. That, along with cancelling Croatia next month, I think is a good idea and just going back to the UK, slow down for as long as it takes, and seek out as much professional help as we can.

The reaction to this article from the community is humbling, thank you, @scorer. When I took those pictures of her legs yesterday, she didn’t know why I was doing it. I posted it and she wasn’t a fan of it, at all. However, now she’s glad I did that.

10.12.2019 08:19

@dandays my Godmother was using all those tools, including Pendulums, to predict many things in life. I was very conservative, skeptic and for many years couldn't get it working.

However, some time ago I finally managed to overcome myself and learned to work with it. It was easier that I thought. I didn't get the information I wanted, but instead the information I was ready to accept and probably really need.

So, do not expect to get the answers you think you need. There is a big difference between the Mind that thinks of various disasters and Subconscious Mind or whatever it is, that knows everything. It is as simple and stupid as genius and smart.

Probably you already have many things in your head. Put them down on paper and make a simple questions with dumb answers like yes and no. And those questions should be as simple as asking a 3 year old kid. Many times you will need to rephrase or ask the different way to get the answer.

I think that you will not get the answers you wish right now to get, but you can clear out the wrong ones, narrow the problem and get some insights of where, what and how to do.

10.12.2019 08:41

There an echo in here? As long as I’ve been on this platform, the few times we’ve engaged, I know I’ve said something to the extent of “you don’t say much, but when you do, it’s best I listen.” What I’m trying to say is, this conversation is no exception.

Thank you, @scorer. I’m glad we virtually met. Thanks for keeping an eye on us, it really means a lot. This conversation right here goes beyond all of this social media jargon—thank you.

I honestly would’ve been skeptic about this a year ago. Today I’m thankful you pointed it out to us.

10.12.2019 09:00

You are welcome! 🙏🏻

By helping others we actually help ourselves. Most of the time we just do not realize that. 😉

10.12.2019 13:54

Alright alright, I watched some videos and tried the pendulum, super interesting by the way, and asked several questions. I caught different answers for some of them and a couple of them were consistent. I’m not sure if I did it right but from what I’ve watched you are supposed to practice before asking questions other than “what’s yes, what’s no, what’s I don’t know, what’s I don’t want to know”. I’ll keep working on it and see if I can achieve some more consistency. Thank you @scorer!

11.12.2019 19:55

I'm not a pro, but from what I have read in books and tested, the hardest part is yourself. You can influence pendulum if you are emotionally attached to a desired answer. That's why the practice is needed.

I use pendulum for two reasons - first, as a way to think about the issue and, second, to get rid of wrong ideas. You are forced to think out of the box and to look at it from different perspective. And that is how you get the solution. Pendulum just confirms your guess or not.

Of course, you have to believe that pendulum has access to your subconscious mind, Universal informational field or some other information storage that has the answers. If we skip the esoteric part, then pendulum can be tested. Find some hidden item or ask something simple that other person has written on paper and can be checked. That is a good way to practice.

You can use pendulum to ask what kind of book to read, where to search information or should you go to this doctor, or any other question that may help you. Pendulum does not give advice or make decisions. You are the one that should make a decision about doing those things. But Pendulum can give you the answer about what suits you and works for you better. And the question should be rephrased about those things.

Wrong: Is this a good thing?
Correct: Does this thing harmonize with me?
Then narrow: Does it harmonize for 100%, 80% or 50%?

Pendulum (Subconscious Mind, Universe or whatever that gives the answers) does not understand what is good or bad in your opinion. So, you have to ask what is in harmony with you.

Here is another thing on how I understand things.

As a person you have some thoughts and belief system that was made up with the help of environment you were living in. This belief system is in conflict with your Soul. As a result you are upset about something or somebody, that makes some stress, stress creates some blocks in your physical body. More conflicts, more stress and pain for your body. Then your body gives up and you get the result - disease.

Some books says that unconditional love and forgiveness may help. Then you need to find the technique you are ready to work with.

The idea on how one prayer may sound like.

Forgive the disease that it came to you. Forgive yourself, that you accepted it and let it in your body. Ask for forgiveness for your body that you did not know how to release it from it. And now you are free. You love everybody. Even the disease, because you learned something from it.

11.12.2019 22:18

Wow!!! Such powerful knowledge. I will definitely test it by asking questions that Dandays has answered on a piece of paper. I figure if I practice for a couple a minutes a day then maybe my intuition will strengthen and I’ll gain some continuity with my answers. It’s difficult to feel things in a realm of neither being “right or wrong” but of “balance or imbalance” isn’t it?!? I suppose that’s where practice comes in, similar to meditation.

The leg theory is interesting too. With that in mind I wonder what my pancreas has to do with it. I’ve had pancreatitis since I was a child and that remains my first point of concern. I’ll have to look up what the pancreas signifies then. Powerful stuff @scorer. We really appreciate your perspective!

12.12.2019 08:05

@puravidaville if you still don't have enough. Here are some more ideas. 😂

You should remember that I'm not a doctor and do not know a thing about human anatomy. I'm just curious about how our world works and trying to put all puzzles together to get the whole picture.

Lets go a bit deeper and talk about energy or Chakras. Again, this is how I currently understand this whole thing works. 🧐

Lets just for a second imagine that our body is a biological robot that is powered by the energy of our Soul/Spirit or whatever it is called. It gives energy to our main engine called heart and that powers 7 Chakras that distributes it to our organs. Yes, when we talk about chakras, then heart is not the main organ that creates energy, it just redistributes blood. The main source of energy is between our legs and is 1 chakra. It takes energy from Earth and redistributes to other chakras. Each chakra is responsible for specific organs. We have come to the main point - spine - the main highway for the energy flow as well as physical body blood flow.

I took the symptom - issues with "pancreas" as the starting point.

Book from Luule Viilma says that it is connected to T9 (that one part is called spinal column?). Spinal column affects those organs like pancreas.

This medical image (taken from internet) connects pancreas to T7. I do not know which one is the correct one. I'll leave it to specialists. The source of issue is the same - spinal columns are close to each other and they are supported by 3rd chakra.

Location Typical feelings Typical stresses
T6-T12 feeling guilty and blaming other people fear of being offended, blaming others

3rd chakra - problems of power and ruling or governing

The main source of all issues are FEARS. For the 3rd chakra it is - fear of evil, despicable, stingy, envious, warlike, etc. person or situation.

There are translation and interpretation issues, but you get the idea.

What to do with all of this?

Take care of your spine and spinal columns - how to stand and sit. Try to get it straight.

Clean chakras using any method you find useful. You can do it using pendulum. There are videos on youtube as well. However, cleaning chakras is just a temporary solution like taking pills.

Find some specialists who understand what I just wrote and work with it daily, read some books to find out more about it.

12.12.2019 10:13

@dandays, I asked a good family friend of mine in the medical field, here is what she said...”Good morning! Unfortunately it’s hard to pinpoint the reason for hives and rashes but it’s usually due to something new on or in the body. Being that they are traveling will make it even harder. Because it comes and goes I would think something like a new lotion, laundry or bath soap, perfume. Or something new she is taking like a vitamin, supplement, medication? Benadryl helps Hannah when she gets them but if they get bad she usually ends up having to get an oral steroid, topical things don’t seem to help her much.” Hannah is her daughter FYI. I’m sure you’ve deduced new items like lotions or pills, but maybe not. And an add on from her...”🤗😘 I hope they figure it out. Tell them it’s usually nothing to get too alarmed about. More uncomfortable than anything. Actually nerves and stress can cause them too but being on the lower body I’m thinking something new. Even new clothing if it hasn’t been washed before wearing.”

I’ll keep asking around, hopefully it goes away and never comes back. I’ll be thinking of you guys and praying it goes away.

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09.12.2019 14:03

Thank you for your input @intothewild. We’ve literally gone over every single little thing that it could be in my immediate external environment and have come up empty handed. We even thought maybe a random onset of a food allergy but a short elimination proved to not be the answer either. I’m wondering if it’s undiagnosed autoimmune something and now it’s manifesting in daily hives…? Obviously, we aren’t sure about anything anymore.

We appreciate the prayers friend. 🙏

09.12.2019 22:02

I sure do appreciate you taking the time to do that for us @intothewild. The response I’ve received from this article is quite humbling actually. Thank you!

10.12.2019 07:15

I am so very sorry you two are dealing with this especially @Puravidaville. If you have trouble finding a cause and or after ruling out any serious issues (aka doctors cant find ish) i highly recommend looking into mind body medicine.

Id recommend 2 books. "The Great Pain Deception " by Steve Ozanich and the Mind Body prescription by Dr John Sarno. These are all typical symptoms of Tension Myoneural Syndrome or mind body syndrome or tms equivalents.

I hope you two find answers soon. Blessings and Prayers 🙌🙏

09.12.2019 14:05

Thank you @idig. We’re down for anything these days. Man the response we received from this article had me “I should’ve reached out to Steemit a long time ago!” Scorer dropped us a line about reaching into the subconscious, she was trying that last night. Nothing is off the table these days and I appreciate you caring.

Thank you for replying.

10.12.2019 07:18

That subconscious and unconscious is very real. I never cared much about it and i am a very skeptical person. But,,, after experiencing everything i have and learning everything i have and having the results i have, you better believe it lol.

The brain has the ability to create virtually any symptom in the body to distract our attention from unconscious anger and fear. Unconscious meaning we have no awareness of it. The brain then learns the symptoms and creates trggers ex. When i use to eat rice and my crap turned on full blast. I had to learn the knowledge of what was really happening and tell my unconscious i know whats going on and im not falling for it anymore. And eventually, magically i can eat or drink anything with no more symptoms. Crap i couldn't drink coffee for 2 or 3 years and now i can Injoy a mug.

Heres dr John Sarnos healing back pain as its a main symptom of tms but there are many many tms equivalents and the symptom imperative. Again i highly recommend those 2 books above. It is a real thing and good to know about at minimum. The great thing about tms healing is it costs nothing and hurts nothing to try the methods and opens the door for cure.

Also alot of people have great success with journal therapy. Id recommend listening to Nicole sachs healing yourself series.


Im full of info dude, ive been mainly learning all this crap for over a decade. From alternative therapies, herbs n natural medicine, the brain n neuroplasticity, etc etc etc. I have seen some miracles 1st hand on this crazy journey, most wouldn't believe it. If i can help in anyway i will. Good mojo vibes 🙌

10.12.2019 15:14

Man you’ve been following me long enough to know I don’t sugar coat ish. And I think I’ve been following you long enough to know I think you’re capable of reading what I say without being offended.

A year or two ago, your posts and thoughts would typically trip me out like “this dude’s a trip!” Especially that crazy 40 day fast you did. But the last couple of days, reading what you, @scorer, @jaguar.force (that dudes a regular F’ing phenomenon, if you’re not following him, you should consider doing that) I can’t say enough good things about him.. I’m overwhelmed by his concerns and each of your concerns and attention. I’m realizing I should’ve been listening to you guys “a year or two ago.” <- repeat.

This isn’t gonna cut it as far as gratitude goes but I really appreciate this concern and care from you @idig. See what I mean? Didn’t cut it.

Eh, check this out. I’ve been going back n forth with Jaguar all day. I don’t know how any of you do what you do but he eventually linked me to this article and the dudes testimony is like reading Pura’s autobiography.

I’m absolutely blown away by the support of this platform. See? Didn’t cut it again.

10.12.2019 19:12

“this dude’s a trip!” ahahhah 🤣, that cracks me up.

Yeah dude, and i did follow.

10.12.2019 20:11

I was not expecting that.

Your music genre never ceases to amaze me, sir. “Cut it, cut it, cut it” I was totally expecting some heavy metal’ish music—yeah, not even close. Ha!

10.12.2019 20:45

Lol you are a trip 👍🏿

11.12.2019 12:33

Yeah that does sound like Pura. I know a bit about FMT and am considering doing it myself for different reasons. The gut microbiome affects the brain and vi e versa.

10.12.2019 20:20

am considering doing it myself for different reasons.

You haven’t done that yet?? Who is this, and what have you done with @idig?

Hey man, enlighten me some more with stuff I never would’ve thought about. What used to be odd to me is becoming a lot clearer and I think maybe I was asking the wrong people.

I slammed my elbow like maybe a year ago now. That bulgy bone part on the inside of your arm right at the elbow. To this day man, oh my goodness, I can’t hardly breathe on it without it aching so bad. I have to be careful with it at all times. I’m convinced I cracked the bone or something significant. Chipped it, something, I don’t know.

Eh, what do you think? Know any home remedies I can try out that won’t cost me anything and will give me my elbow back?

10.12.2019 20:56

Yeah i hear ya. Ive been swimming in that odd world for some time and i am now not at all impressed with conventional medicine.

Neuroplasticity can end any pain imho even things that are structurally F'd. I have been keeping silent on any health stuff this past year (January will be 1 year of me practicing mind body). Silent because 1 its part of my work and 2 i am going to prove to the world healing is possible even with severe chronic ish, then my mouth might open more. I can barely name all the crap i have rid so far, (hard to think or talk about) but amazing results here so far!

Read or listen to the audiobook "the great pain deception " Steve Ozanich, "the mindbody prescription " dr John Sarno and "the brains way of healing" Norman Doidge.

DMSO cream may help. Another hidden miracle Big pharma dont want you to know about. That ish can take pain away instantly in some cases.

Like i said before everyone has TMS its just more predominant with the type T personality "good person" "perfectionists ". People who think they're not even perfectionists dont realize they always have to have this or that done a certain way and think "i am not a perfectionist " yes they are.

Tms lives on preoccupation, fear, obsession. If i move my elbow this way then pain (fear). If it gets cold pain (fear, preoccupation. Oh i probably cracked a bone (convincing you its structural). The brain is opportunistic and will actually use structural locations to fool you, to distract you. Knowledge of what tms is and how it works is the first step. Like literally knowledge alone cures some people. Im talking people with 30 years of chronic pain, they read a book and its gone. Pretty unbelievable especially in our modern western medicine which treats us as machines and considers everything physical.

Your elbow pain can be unlearned.

11.12.2019 13:09

Dude. F’ing dope! It’s not gonna cut it again so I’m not even gonna say it (again).

11.12.2019 13:46

Thank you Bro! You have been an Awesome positive influence in my life 👍🏿. I had to share one more... interview w Steve Ozanich

11.12.2019 15:54

Just saw you sent me some steem awhile ago. Thanks homie! What was that for?

12.12.2019 13:03

Nice, I'm glad you saw it. A few weeks back when I won food fight, I divied up the 35 steem I won between everyone who participated. It ended up being 4.3 to each of you.

My pleasure, @idig. I’m glad you didn’t miss it.

12.12.2019 16:36

15.12.2019 01:30

I’m on it as soon as she wakes up, sir. Thank you for not forgetting about us, @idig. I’m still blown away by the response from this one. I say when she wakes up because, sick or not, about the only thing anyone can do to piss her off is wake her up! Lol.

15.12.2019 07:01

Thats funny dude 👍🏿.

Yeah i am blown away too. See, basic human kindness, worldwide, go figure.

I was just sharing some ish dude.

Peace Holmes.

15.12.2019 21:26

Danget! I thought I responded again already. I watched it, the Howard Stern one. Then we watched another of his last night, not peaking of his passing, but him speaking. It was pretty short, like a 20 minute interview talking about mind over back pain.

16.12.2019 06:50

Cool. I have nothing but mad respect for Dr John Sarno. An actual doctor who realised what he was trained to do wasnt working. Therefore goes back to the drawing board and discovers a personality type and links it with some of Freuds views of the unconscious.

Most write it off as nonsense and im seeing that the only ones who accept the theory, the process and ultimately heal , have a sense of desperation. You know chronic ish peeps like me. Real pain, real symptoms but caused by the brain. And back pain is only the tip of the iceberg, the brain can cause almost any symptom in the body. Cant wait to share my story dude. I am almost there.

MICHAEL H. MOSKOWITZ M.D. <--- this guy hurt his neck in an accident. Then the pain spreads. Has it for 12 years and through neuroplasticity, unlearns it all. Dude the list goes on. Feldenkrais is another badass dude.

If you ever want to try mind/body work on that elbow lmk.



16.12.2019 21:39

I know you don’t know how many facilities I’ve been in and out of because I honestly don’t. I know a few prestigious names I’ve had procedures done at by highly
Reputable physicians such as UCLA and Stanford and, mind over matter and the actual method of putting it into operation, wasn’t mentioned to me by them—virtual strangers sent me on this path.

Thanks man.

And Pura was misdiagnosed for two years with everything except for what’s really going on in her gut. Dude two’fa king years!

17.12.2019 05:49

She woke up and i just listened to it. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts, Jon. You’re a good dude. Enjoy what’s left of your weekend, sir.

15.12.2019 07:50


15.12.2019 21:30

Shit!!! I meant to respond to YOU out of all people last night. I’m so sorry for the delay @idig (weird head). I sometimes look at this picture, which is a Japanese tool to determine your level of stress, and no matter when I look at it, the picture is always moving in a carousel type fashion. That indicates, according to this tool, that I’m highly stressed yet I run, try to meditate, eat well, sleep well, yada, etc, yada, etc....

While in Jerusalem I touched every piece of land and wall my hands would drag on. I prayed at every place Jesus was said to step foot, I even lit candles in numerous locations and here we are. Maybe, God has led Dandays to create this post and receive the Steemit communities ideas- the response has been overwhelming. Thank you @idig for dropping your sense (2 cents). I’m equally praying that your ailments are miraculously gone by the time you finish reading this response. Blessings your way too my brother !

10.12.2019 18:46

I would say God always leads us although we might not understand w our human senses.

That sounds like an awesome gadget! What is the Japanese Tool called?

I am stoked yalls" been doing your thing. I think that was very wise to touch and pray. HIS energy will never leave that place.

Weird Head hahaha😂. I have had some tremendous victories w what i am doing. In the TMS world the stress that is talked about is all the shit in the unconscious, all the unfelt or unknown stress that has been buried (w.o. your concious consent).

Since one of your larger issues happened when you were 13, i would be curious what events happened around that time? Dont have to tell me but if i was you id be interested.

I am always available if you decide to step into the mind body world. I have learned alot in this past year. Their are Answers for you and their is more than one way to do a thing.

Thank you for your kind heart and blessings 🙏🙏🙏🙌

10.12.2019 19:20


This is it. Have you ever seen this before? At one point I’d ask Dandays to look at it and he said it wasn’t moving for him. Does it move for you? So strange, right?!?

11.12.2019 19:04

It Freaking moves lmao. Mine moves slow. Yeah thats cool, woot! 😊😍😅(trippy emoji but i cant find one=).

11.12.2019 19:31

In this case I’d used the blue face gritting teeth emoji or maybe the clown but I’m partial to the blue face 🥶

12.12.2019 07:47

:( i dont have that one on my android, hmmm 👽

12.12.2019 13:25

I totally forgot about this stuff! Everyone i know who used it swears by it. Ive never used it but supposedly real good stuff. Maybe worth checking out.


12.12.2019 13:55

I’d also be curious to know what happened around 13 although, my childhood was difficult so maybe that’s a gate I’d rather keep closed. 🥶. Sometimes, I think my brain blocks some things out because they are too much to deal with in a constructive way. Of course though my obsessive side wants to know EVERYTHING. It’s a catch 22. If I could get some of my physical health back I’d be much more willing to start work on my subconscious traumas.

11.12.2019 19:07

See thats interesting. And totally TMS. You dont necessarily have to.

"I could get some of my physical health back I’d be much more willing to start work on my subconscious traumas."

And the above could easily be flipped. "If i start working on my subconscious traumas my health will improve.". It doesn't have to happen that way but it could.

I just love "you guys". I wish i had pics of my hives cuz they looked real similar. & ive never been allergic to shit. & i did all the parasite regimens. & ive had almost every blood test you can do, my blood looks perfect. No more hives tho, after doing my thing. No more alot of shit, after doing my thing.

Peace, Love, & Well Being too you @Puravidaville

Ps- again im not a know it all, im just sharing my ish

11.12.2019 19:48

You’re probably so right. Doing things like shadow work are always a journey, so personal. I sometimes meditate when I need to calm my mind and heart but haven’t been consistent with it in a couple years. Meditation can be such a powerful tool to enter the realm of healing in. I’m so glad to hear that these techniques are working for you. It’s been a rough go at it and finally something that actually helps is such a relief. You deserve all the healing in the world my friend.

Don’t stop sending me your insights. I’ve always given metaphysical practices a lot clout. There’s something to be said about the tradition of shamanic healers that have had good practice for generations across many many cultures. Western medicine is so new in comparison.

12.12.2019 07:52

There is very little i like about western medicine nowadays. I woulda thought Shamans and energy workers were kuku back in the day but of you only knew the experiences i have under my belt. Ive had many reiki practitioners, my chakras cleared, energy workers and some brilliant light touch energy massage( i thought the giy was nuts until i felt the powerful effect). After getting my chakras cleared i felt like Jesus walking on water for over a week. All the above stuff was super powerful.

The TMS I am talking about doesnt necessarily have to be shadow work. Although many of these things overlap. I can talk about psychologically, neurological, scientific, and or energy. Basically our ID (inner child has a store house of fear and anger. Once it gets so much the brain decides to create symptoms as a distraction from our burried emotions (which of course we are not aware of, no consent). It then can manifest into any symptom imaginable.

Some people heal from just knowing how the process works. Some by dark journaling (shadowish work). Others by ignoring symptoms and getting back to life. There are many ways. I have been doing neuroplasticity and basically changing my brain and unlearning symptoms. I will write alot about ot when i am done. The list of crap i have already overcame is shocking. The mind/brain is a major player in all health conditions imho.

I woulda never believed it if i havent experienced it myself and met people who have fully recovered from all types of pain and illnesses.

Im of a practical nature so whatever works is good in my book. Again i pray you find answers and ty so much for your support and blessings.

12.12.2019 13:41

I remember the first time I felt and “saw” the blue energy within while meditating. It was so powerful and exhilarating. I was reading all sorts of eastern philosophical books along with meta physical and really transforming the way I related with the world around me. As of late I’ve been very lackadaisical with that aspect of my life. I fully believe all of the benefits though and have had some times of hardship where I called upon those meditative abilities to see me through. Changing the way we see things, relate to things changes the way the world actually is for us. Powerful stuff my friend.

I’m so glad you’re doing better than you were last year. It’s tough not being able to get answers from the one place we’ve conditioned to believe has all the medical answers. It’s even tougher when you feel that you are your own medical advocate searching for the “cure” by yourself. A lot of people around you tend to look at you like you’re overreacting or are just nuts. Keep up the fight, we are always worth fighting for.

14.12.2019 08:55

Ps- my personal testimony with mind/body work. I was getting hives (they itched like a mofo). I had bad reactions to rice, garlic, caffeine, sugar, bread and a few other things. I had digestive issues, gas, bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, acid reflux. I had muscle cramps, sore joints, chronic fatigue. They are all gone now after doing mind/body work!!! I still have my main issue i am working on but it is greatly improved and i am doing things i thought would no longer be possible. Certain personality types are especially prone to develop TMS symptoms but in reality everyone has it. If youve ever blushed before you have TMS. Just sharing my 2cents and again sending healing vibes 🙌🏿.

09.12.2019 14:49

We appreciate you two cents and don’t ever hold anything back.

10.12.2019 07:20

Thanks Homie. Again im not saying not to go the normal medical route. And definitely check if there are any underlying causes. But if they keep coming up empty handed i highly recommend the mind/body approach.

10.12.2019 15:29

Maybe it’s because my mother was a nurse. Maybe it’s because I was in a strong Union until I retired after 22 years of service that provided top shelf medical coverage the whole time. Maybe it’s because I’ve never involved myself in social media before Steemit.

But I know it’s BS that I’ve never had access to that link until now. Had I known we would receive all of this knowledge for free from a bunch of people we’ve never met, I would’ve posted that article a year ago. Thank you, Jon. 👍🏿


10.12.2019 19:20


11.12.2019 13:23

Parasites, look into home remedies. They leave oeople like that and wont fix it but will try to fix the symptoms they give. Get into intermittent fasting and keto eating plan. Licorice tea every night. And eat herbal antibiotics like a oregano and clove. I know it may sound all very overwhelming but I'm telling you right now the medical system is not here to fix you it is here only to cover up and give you medicines for the symptoms you've got to get to the source. A lot of these genetically modified foods are being modified for people to have a chronic allergic reactions and inflammation and if you don't change what it is that you are putting into your body this will not change. Sad but true and it's becoming more and more true across the entire world and anywhere that adopts genetically modified organisms and the new paradigm shift in medical. Goldman and Sachs released a article a few years back saying that it wasn't costing affective fixing people that in order to make money they had to leave them sick and how they were switching to a symptom treatment medical paradigm. It's not gonna be an easy thing for you to do and you're probably right it off like so many other people do but it's the only way you're really gonna get fixed. Think outside of the Box .

09.12.2019 16:14

Nah. We wouldn’t write this off. We’re both very well aware the medical system is big business.

We’d love to get to the root issue, that’s what we’ve been trying to do. I should’ve reached out to Steemit a long time ago. The response I got from this article is humbling.

Licorice tea is a new one, neither of us have even heard of it until now. I appreciate you taking the time to help us out @prettynicevideo—thank you.

I wish I could remember the name of the documentary now, but it was a couple of years back. A dude was having one on one’s with medical providers and physicians, it was alarming. Stuff we already knew and things most people are in denial about but it was alarming.

One of the things i remember most is when his interview got shot down, though it was already pre-scheduled. The hospital manager who met them at the entry (manager but not of professional medicine) didn’t realize the camera was running when she explained why she’s denying the interview. Something like “we’re in business to make money and if people learn why we don’t cure sick people, that’s not good business for making money.”

Thank you!

10.12.2019 07:29

It’s sad but we are so aware that western medicine isn’t in the business of actual health. Even speaking with doctors who refuse to listen to you and insist you take this “one medicine” for that “one symptom”, rather than looking at the person as a whole, is frustrating. I’ve even asked a doctor “what would you say to your daughter” and the answer he gave me was “that I can no longer help you”. It was more than infuriating, almost confidence crushing. It was the nail in my idea-coffin of what westernized medicine has become, a business.

I’ve actually done a parasite cleanse yet not extreme enough to really cleanse me. I’ve actually done some pretty extreme, very difficult, diets in an attempt to heal me through food. Some helped a bit but never cured everything. I really appreciate your words @prettynicevideo. Thank you for taking the time to read about my troubles and send over your thoughts- you’re rad!!!!

10.12.2019 18:56

Oh, @puravidaville - I feel for your plight, and @dandays, you're a bonefide sweetheart to do this for her.

I wish I had some clear-cut and easy answers, but unfortunately I don't. I've had my own bouts of wishing I could get an appointment with Dr. Gregory House, and I'm actually overdue for scheduling a bunch of visits with specialists.

However, I did want to mention that one of the things I discovered very late in the game (like only 4 or 5 years ago) is that I had some extreme deficiencies - Vitamin D and Iron being the biggest issues. I've never been the world's healthiest eater, but I'd always made a point to take some supplements, including iron and D, but I wasn't keeping up with my body's demands.

Long story short (and yeah, this is the Reader's Digest version...lol), after about six months of mega doses of the two, I stopped walking like a ninety year old woman and felt human again. I also discovered the cute little quirk I'd developed over the years of craving ice was actually Pica, and once my iron level stabilized, it went away.

Given all the health and mental issues I'd had over the years (not to mention fairly frequent lab work), it boggles my mind that it took so long for a doctor to notice. In fact my doc said that back in the day, someone with iron as low as mine was, would've been hospitalized and transfused immediately. Fun stuff.

If it's okay with the both of you, I'd like to add Puradays name and health concern to a "Healing & Blessing Request" post in a FB witchy group I belong to. I figure any kind of good juju can't hurt, and maybe someone in the community of about 22k people will recognize the symptoms, or be able to offer some insight.

Speaking of, sending lots of good juju and wishes that you get answers soon. Brightest of blessings to you both.

good juju.gif

09.12.2019 16:19

Thank you @traciyork!! You can enter us in a good juju group anytime you’d like- so much appreciated. If only Dr. House was around anymore. I’m sure he’d be bored with my case anyway. Haha

I’ll look into the vitamin and mineral levels. I thinks it’s about time someone did a full comprehensive blood panel. To do privately it’s pretty darn expensive though and then there’s no guarantee that my levels are the culprit. 🥶. Such a pita!!!

I’m so glad you feel like you have a grip on your health again. It’s exhausting constantly trying to figure out why our bodies are betraying us. Thank God you are no longer in this club!!

We are happy you responded and dropped a line. Take care @traciyork!

09.12.2019 22:14

You're very welcome, @puravidaville! The new weekly Facebook post should be going up some time in the next day, and I'll drop in the request as soon as it is. And I don't know about that - I think there are far too many variables to your case for House to be bored! 😉 😂

Ugh, that's true - paying out of pocket for medical stuff is always an owie in the wallet. I hope that if you do end up having one done, that it ends up being worth the time and hassle.

And I'm sorry to say, I somehow managed to buy a lifetime membership into the WTFismybodydoing club. While my deficiencies are better, I have a whole new round of fun things happening - my current menu selection is Essential Tremor for the main course, Fibromyalgia as the side dish, an Osteoarthritis salad, and a big scoop of depression with some generalized anxiety disorder sprinkled on top for dessert. Hmmm, I think I'm hungry...LOL!

I've had a change in my symptoms recently, so I'm supposed to make a bunch of appointments and have another round of tests to see what's up. Given the time of year, I haven't been particularly motivated, but my hubby (who is in the Amazing Spouse Sportsclub along with yours) is going to make me do it soon. 😊

Happy to chat with you, and I'll shout out again if anything helpful turns up.

10.12.2019 03:47

What a pita (paint in the *ss). Why must our bodies yell at us all the time? Haha. I think back to how I was as a teenager and in my twenties, eating crap, drinking crap, staying up all night then going to work, such abuse and it never crapped out on me. Maybe I’m paying for it now. Life is such a blessing and such a roller coaster all wrppaed up into one. We all have problems and yet I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. Dandays has been the most understanding husband. I’m blessed God put us together. Thank you for all of your words. It’s nice to know that we aren’t going through this stuff alone. I do pray your ailments are miraculously cured and you can experience life without all of these concerns. Thanks again for the group prayer (or what you call a witchy positive juju virtual party) 😇

10.12.2019 11:17

Thank you so much in return, @puravidaville! This is what I posted, and I'll be sure to shout out if anyone has any suggestions -

puravidaville and dandays healing request.jpg

11.12.2019 21:13

Oh my God, you’re an Angel!!! Thank you , thank you, thank you so much. I can’t express our gratitude towards your kindness. All of the positive energy and good juju helps immensely. It’s insane to think of our online community being such warriors for each other in times of need. We are glad to have you on our team @traciyork! You’re truly the sunshine through the clouds sista!!

12.12.2019 07:57

aww thank you so much.gif

16.12.2019 02:54

I’m all for the readers digest version—break me off with the Nat-geo version any time. I really should’ve reached out to the platform a long time ago. Just going through these responses is comforting for the mere fact we’re not the only ones dealing with issues. Like “ok, we all have our problems, cool.” Believe it or not, that, in itself is helpful.

Pica is a new one. I sure hope you were just into ice and never got into drywall. Man.. what a trip! Eating hair! These minds and bodies of ours are frikkin fascinating.

And thank you for reaching out to your Facebook group. Did I mention how humbling this reaction is? Like, are only people on the internet caring and the people in reality are not or is it just easier to care online vs reality? Then where’s the line between virtual and reality? “Humbling.”

I figured you were mental, that’s a no brainer! But I’m glad you’re finding your health answers. And thanks for sharing your story, @traciyork, I’m glad we never met.

I see she’s in contact with you now—thank you for that, too. Don’t be a stranger, we appreciate all of the help we can get. I just should’ve reached out to Steemit sooner. We just landed in Rome less than 10 hours ago, we’ll be here for a month but it’s looking like a month long testament to get healthy. We’ve been recommended Cuba has a medical staff with a heart, I’m down to try anything at this point.

Thank you, Traci.

10.12.2019 07:57

You're very welcome, and I completely agree - when I first started blogging about all the weird stuff going on with my body, I was amazed by the amount of people who didn't run screaming from my blog who offered words of encouragement and commiseration.

I'm glad I met you @puravidaville too. 😜

Hope you both have a health-filled month, and if you must journey to Cuba afterwards, I'm crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, and anything else I can that you get awesomely positive results quickly and definitively!

16.12.2019 02:53

I will use my jaguar research skills to try to help you out, give me a few hours.

09.12.2019 17:29

We don’t know how you do what you do but our faith is with you @jaguar.force 🤞. Thank you for taking the time and the interest!

09.12.2019 22:15

I did my research regarding your skin condition in your legs, my best guess is that it is guttate psoriasis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guttate_psoriasis
As per your other symptoms that western traditional developed countries doctors cant seem to explain, what I would do if I were you is take a trip to, of all places, Cuba. They have the best holistically trained doctors in the world, and they are not interested in selling you anything, my guess is that if you go there for a while and have the best doctors there take a look at you you will go out with the answer.

09.12.2019 22:59

Guttate psoriasis
Guttate psoriasis (also known as eruptive psoriasis) is a type of psoriasis that presents as small (0.5–1.5 cm in diameter) lesions over the upper trunk and proximal extremities; it is found frequently in young adults. Generally obtain places such as arms, legs, troso, breast. Guttate psoriasis dose not occur tiny skin areas such as ear, eye, face, around lips .
The term "guttate" is used to describe the drop-like appearance of skin lesions.

09.12.2019 23:00

@jaguar.force. I know how busy you are on this platform. The fact you’re even concerned about this is humbling—thank you! And thank you for using your resources to help us figure this out. I’m not opposed to Cuba AT ALL! Is it true public internet isn’t available in Cuba or is that a viscous rumor? We were told earlier this year by a couple we met in South America we can’t have internet access there and the internet provided is highly limited and only viewed from specific, public dwellings, such as a library or other government regulated building. Any truth to that?

Thanks again man, you’re a good dude to have on the team.

10.12.2019 08:52

It used to be very limited but it has gotten way better in the last years, especially last year. In other words, you will have no problem accessing the internet.

10.12.2019 14:49

It’s such an abrupt and random symptom that I’m at a loss. I’ve never had hives in my life and the kicker is that they appear within 30-60 minutes after I wake up. I put off having a cup of coffee until the hives appear to eliminate the possibility of late onset allergies to coffee. The only thing I have is water and now symptoms have erupted like this in three very separate locations so I’m convinced it has nothing to do with soap, detergent, etc. The Cuba remark is interesting. I saw a holistic doctor before we left the states which helped symptoms (due to all of the herbal supplements I can’t get here) but in no way cured anything or gave any meaningful explanation. I don’t know what our travel itinerary looks like in the near future but Cuba might be worth a try. Thanks @jaguar.force. Your contribution is much appreciated !

10.12.2019 11:07

One thing I would like to clarify is that when I said holistically trained doctors i did not mean alternative medicine or doctors that flat out reject alopathic knowledge(traditional medicine). The doctors in Cuba are are educated in a traditional medicine university and actually considered to be excellent by those standards, additionally they are trained to approach diagnosis in a holistic way, because they want to cure you, they are in the "business" of curing people, not in the business of selling tests and drugs.

10.12.2019 14:18

for you

09.12.2019 18:24

Thank you, @eii. 👍🏿

10.12.2019 07:58

View or trade BEER.

Hey @dandays, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

09.12.2019 18:24

Bummer @dandays, sorry to hear about pura's health issues. At first glance, I thought of something new and different that she had eaten, or new clothing, or new lotion etc. but after hearing her version of symptoms, there may be a connection. Or quite possibly and more likely not connected at all. Skin rashes are difficult to pin point, but having them go away with the use of anti-allergy meds, says it is a reaction, not a symptom.
As far as all the other issues??? Maybe you guys need to slow down a bit, resting your body and mind can be very healing.
Send her my best, hope someone can figure it out for her. I'm sure it's very frustrating. Hugs

09.12.2019 20:42

We appreciate your support, @farm-mom. The response we received from the platform is a humbling one, I should’ve reached out a long time ago.

She’s been battling these odd things since before we left and nothing seems to help long term. We agree with you, we should probably slow down for a minute. The timing couldn’t be worse but we’re being forced to slow down and maybe we just aren’t listening—you’re right.

We landed in Rome last night from Israel. What we typically do is book our next stay during our first week. What we did was, narrowed the next one down to Morocco or Croatia, Croatia won the coin flip. But now I don’t think we’re going to do that. I think it’s best if we just ride this 30 day stay out and try to keep her healthy in the mean time and then return to the UK for professional assistance. It’s just disappointing because we’ve seen so much professional help and here we are—helpless.

We appreciate you taking the time to lend a helping ear and keyboard, thank you @farm-mom.

10.12.2019 08:07

I think you’re right about the slow down part. Oddly enough I thought I could conquer this issue while on the move but lately it’s proving to be more and more difficult. We very much appreciate all of your kind words and ideas @farm-mom. Thank you for reaching out 😘

10.12.2019 18:48

Hope you are settling into your new digs and feeling a little better. Wish you the best. Stay positive.

12.12.2019 04:10

Thanks sista! We are taking everything slow. Yesterday we walked to the coliseum because it’s so close to where we are staying and I was bad and got a gluten free vegan gelato. Soooo good!! Haha. The hives are still happening but we’ve just made arrangements to return to England so hopefully it’ll all get sorted there. Fingers crossed. I’m so tired of doctors not being able to figure this out. Thanks for dropping a line @farm-mom!

12.12.2019 08:12

Have you already looked into ayurveda? I can't give any concrete advice, as I'm only researching it for about a week now, but if you haven't, you might wanna test what @puravidaville 's dosha is and what they recommend to balance her dosha.

It might be that the advice is to mainly have warm / cooked food, for instance. There's a podcast called 'The Simple Ayurveda Podcast' with short episodes that explain things pretty well.

I wish you a speedy recovery and send you some positive energy from Portugal

09.12.2019 21:15

@vincentnijman. I’ve never heard of Ayurveda until right now—thank you. The response we received from this article has been a humbling one, not to mention a few practices, such as Ayurveda, that have never been suggested.

We’re going to try it out! Thank you for sharing this information with us. It’s apparent we should probably slow down our travels for as long as it takes as well. She just watched a clip last night about reaching into her subconscious and asking for guidance, we’re not opposed to that, either. All of this information is helpful and I appreciate you taking the time to share what you know—thank you!

10.12.2019 08:29

You're very welcome. Just felt I had to reach out. And yes, slowing down is always a good thing. All the best!

10.12.2019 14:35

I remember talking with my friend in Costa Rica and she mentioned Ayurveda. She said the same types of examples you listed too. It can’t hurt right?!? I’ll look it up now. Thank you @vincentnijman.

10.12.2019 18:39

Definitely not. Are you using Spotify or listening to podcasts? If so, I would recommend 'Bringing Ayurveda to Life ( with Monica B. ). I listened to a bunch of episodes today and I'm learning so much. Scroll to the episode list and listen to what draws your attention. Ayurveda is very much based on getting the gut / your digestive system healthy, so following your gut feeling ( also with eating ) is something very important. Funny enough, we often forget this as we grow older. Then we deal with the consequences. I have always felt I was a pretty healthier eater but I didn't realize that my way of eating ( fast / unfocused ) and the times when I ate as well as my lack of routine could have such an impact on my health.

Get well soon! xx

10.12.2019 18:49

It’s funny you say that because I often trip out on how I hated eating meat as a kid. My Dad has to literally trick me into eating it. I also was grossed out by any boxed pastas or potatoes (like scallop potatoes or pastaroni). Sometimes I think that we intuitively have always known what is meant for us and what isn’t.

10.12.2019 19:04

Sometimes I think that we intuitively have always known what is meant for us and what isn’t.

True that!

Kids are naturally inclined to healthy eating and are closer to nature than us adults, until adults teach them to do the opposite and the confusion starts. My mother always tried her best, but my father frankly hasn't been the best example ( fast eater, tending to less healthy food and so on and so forth ). Now my father has several chronic illnesses. I'm lucky to still have nothing major going on ( at least not discovered by any doctor ) but I am literally tired of all the minor symptoms of lesser health that I've been struggling with for ages and plan to only get healthier from now on and help others where I can.

P.S. You might like the post I put on Steemit just before I wrote this comment :>)

10.12.2019 19:44

10.12.2019 15:49

I think we’re near 70 now—this must be 71. 😉 If only medical professionals and big pharma cared 1/2 this much, the world would be a better place.

Thank you @arcange.

10.12.2019 19:28

10.12.2019 21:16

Thinking of you guys! @puravidaville, I hope you find some relief somewhere. It's always nice to have someone in your corner, especially a guy like @dandays. I'm sure the opposite is also true!


10.12.2019 17:49

Thank you @thebigsweed. All of this attention makes me feel like a big baby. Haha… we are praying things look up and someone has the answers we’ve been searching for. Your friendship is important to us, even if it only remains virtual. Thank you for being our friend!

10.12.2019 19:01

Could you imagine if medical professionals cared as much about our health as this platform does?

Thank you, @thebigsweed. It’s my pleasure to be your mutual follower.

10.12.2019 19:23

Howdy sir dandays! I have no medical knowledge of this affliction but will resteem this and I'll be praying for you guys.

11.12.2019 04:19

That’s plenty, @janton, I can’t thank you enough. We’ve received more knowledge in two days after posting this article than trained medical professionals have given in two years. I should’ve released this article sooner.

The response from the community has been humbling. We’ll be going back to the UK at the beginning of the year and slowing down our travels until she gets her biome tested. I think we got to the root of the issue. Prayers, the resteems, and the genuine concerns is exactly what we needed. Thank you!

11.12.2019 08:03

The knowledge base here is just astounding! Plus the big hearts!

11.12.2019 22:29


I’m in awe, Janton. Thank you for keeping an eye on us.

12.12.2019 10:57

Not good for health

11.12.2019 04:33

I get hives sometimes on my toes and skin after I injest oranges or juice. Could be an allergy. I think the penicillin creates a reactive mold in my body, and the feet are a breeding ground for traces of fungus, causing an internal biological battle.

Do you ever try a detox or fasting?

Have you tested water for contamination and heavy metals?

I get dry skin from our hard water. Many of my skin problems are alleviated by rubbing castor oil into the pores. It seals in moisture and draws out toxins.

Sorry I cannot tell you what is causing your health problem. Hope you discover a good solution.

11.12.2019 06:52

The fact that you’re even willing to voice your concerns, as did the rest of the platform, is humbling. We’ve been so appreciative by everyone. Thank you!

We actually considered the water to be a source, the hives only began in Greece. By the information we’ve received from all of you, the water could totally be a culprit considering we now believe her gut biomes need adjusted. I think we got it narrowed down to her gut needing some adjustments.

Thank you for your insight, @creativetruth, I just prayed for your health to give you no troubles as well. Have a great week and thank you for dropping a line.

11.12.2019 08:08

I’ve done both, detoxes and fasting. The strange thing about fasting now is that I won’t lose any weight while doing so. I’ve been 126 pounds for a lot of my adult life, no dieting just eating what I eat and now I’m 138. That’s not big by any stretch but it’s sure been difficult to lose. It came on within a couple months too. I’m not sure if I have insulin resistance or what? Such a funny thing when our bodies just decide to freak out on us. Thank you for taking the time to drop a line @creativetruth!

11.12.2019 18:55

Sorry I am not able to provide an answer as to how to stop the itchy, bumpy rash/hives from reoccurring @puravidaville

From personal experience if you want relief from agonizing itching, I highly recommend taking a warm bath into which you add a cup of distilled vinegar. Another thing that helped stop the itchiness was to put Epsom salt on a wet washcloth and rub it over the itchy bumps till the salt disolved -- also while in the bathtub. You can repeat the vinegar baths and Epsom salt, several times a day. I had a nasty case of poison oak in June that took over a month before it fully went away. Clobetasol Prop Ointment was prescribed as I wasn't a candidate to have a steroid shot due to side effects. Please let me know if this helps!🛀🧴

My first guess is that the hives might be a weird undocumented side effect that occurs after you take certain medications that don't mix well in your system. An endocrinologist might be able to help.

You're a terrific husband to seek help from the community @dandays Good luck!

11.12.2019 11:00

I was hoping this morning they wouldn’t appear but an hour after awaking they were there. I take an allergy pill and they disappear and don’t return until the day after the next. It’s such a strange thing. I don’t any medication except of course what I take for the hives. Thank you for dropping a line @ninahaskin. You’re right, my husband is the best! Thanks again 🥰

11.12.2019 19:11

Yes, allergy medicines work great to stop the itching-- till it wears off. I hoped whatever caused your hives went away by now. Hair loss along with hives could be stress-related or a reaction to any number of things. Good luck getting to the root of this! @puravidaville

16.12.2019 06:44

You're a terrific husband to seek help from the community @dandays Good luck!

I sure am glad you think so, @ninahaskin. I only wish I would’ve asked a year ago. The response we’ve received from this article has been more than I could’ve asked for. We’re both grateful for everyone’s kindness and willing to share their knowledge—a big huge THANK YOU! <—bigger than that.

12.12.2019 10:49

Happy to try to help! @dandays

It's frustrating when you know an answer to the cause of the hives exists but the normal fixes aren't working. It could be something random and easy to correct that's causing the reaction. Hopefully it is! Any updates?🤞💫

16.12.2019 06:30

Actually, yes. Thanks to the support from everyone and the exponential generosity by @jaguar.force, I think we’re finally at the root of the infection in her gut and are attacking it. She has an appointment with a doctor in the UK next month to get her biome tested to rule out anything we haven’t addressed. The hives are still appearing every other day, thought seem to be returning a little lighter each time, but we’ve been at it for a week straight now. And it was until just yesterday I was able to stock the proper natural extracts to battle what we believe is the center of the infection. It’s been a process and a heck of a learning curve.

This community has shared more knowledge in less than a week than the medical personnel has in two years.

Thank you for caring.

16.12.2019 06:44

Fingers crossed! Hopefully the combination of natural extracts and the doctor next month resolve the problem. Curious if apple cider vinegar (Bragg's ACV) might be used to help the stomach infection.

16.12.2019 06:52

You know what, @ninahaskin? We’ve actually tried that previously. That, mixed with oregano, probably a few other attempts. This has been such a painful one to diagnose. Occasionally she’ll still drink oil cider vinegar.

Man, I’m so glad nobody else is in this position. One thing after the other, even received medical attention at UCLA and Stanford, two of the most prestigious medical schools in Ca—her we are. It’s frustrating. And I have to admi, until I saw the hives like that, something visible actually made themselves appear, I was beginning to think she was crazy like “there’s nothing wrong with you.”

I wish it didn’t require something visible to get me fully on board but, then again, had it not been for the things we wouldn’t be progressing the way we are now. Big huge bowl of love from Rome to you—thank you!

16.12.2019 07:01

Sad to hear, I hope you guys manage to find out what's causing it and how to fix it. Not sure if I'm able to help. I do suffer from psoriasis which kind of looks similar and manage to keep that in check with a plant based diet along with making sure I sweat heavily at least a couple times each week which does wonders for my skin.

11.12.2019 23:35

I jog just about daily but the sweating actually exacerbates it so I’m taking yet another short break until this gets sorted. Instead we walk several miles a day which is easy to do in Europe, always something to look at. I mostly eat plant based, stay away from gluten and sugar, and only eat fish about once or twice a week. I’m thinking this is yet another symptom of something else that’s manifested into hives outbreaks. Hopefully doctors in England can give us some vital answers so we can finally close this chapter of our lives. Thanks for showing up @byebyehamburgers! We appreciate all of your support and knowledge.

12.12.2019 10:19

@byebyehamburgers, this is a help. Each and everyone one of you has been helpful beyond my imagination—thank you kindly for keeping an eye on us.

12.12.2019 10:59

A couple of years ago ... when I traveled to Europe ... I had something similar ... not sure if hers itch ... but I got these itchy hives everywhere ... the dr said it was a reaction to something I ate ( even tho I didn’t eat anything different than what I ate at home) he had given me a shot of something similar to aBenadryl shot and some pills for allergic reactions ... it cleared it up surprisingly .... he said it was an allergy to something I was having that I must have developed more recently .

Not sure that’s what it is obviously .... but try allergy medicine it might just take care of the symptoms at least for now until you figure it out.

13.12.2019 03:33

The response we received from this article makes me wish i would’ve written it a year and a half ago. Yeah, I thought it was a food allergy or a big bite, especially since an allergy pill helps. But they’re only temporary help.

But all of the help we received from this, I actually think we have a good defense plan. We’ll be going back to the UK at the beginning of the year with new knowledge we’ve received in our pocket and see if we can’t get her properly diagnosed. Being a professional surgery patient in my younger years, I’m very well aware it’s up to us to help assist trained medical professionals, we just couldn’t get this one figured out. I think we got it now, amazingly, from an article I wrote in a 2 day span where trained professional have been stumped for two years.

Thank you for caring @anonymity5. You know.. I really need to learn how to spell “anonymity” i guess because each time I respond to you I get mixed up with my i’s and y’s. 😉

13.12.2019 06:17

Apologies if this has already been mentioned - no time to read all the comments! But do you suffer from a lot of stress? Even if you think you don't, you may. It's called hidden stress. My partner is a counseller / psychotherapist and spends a lot of time reading research done by Gabor Mate, a very well respected psychologist who has done some ground breaking research on stress. He has a book called "When the Body says No, the cost of hidden stress", among many others. The book is essentially about the mind-body connection exploring the connection in conditions and diseases such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, IBS, and multiple sclerosis. I have watched a lot of interviews / lectures by him and he is truly an inspiration. Check him out on Youtube to get an idea of what I'm talking about. Your condition may be related so it could be worth exploring.

13.12.2019 12:13

@nutman. Sir, no need to apologize, we’re pleasantly surprised with the overwhelming response we’ve received from this article as well. As I’ve mentioned to many people, I only wish I would’ve reached out sooner—thank you for sharing your knowledge. Funny you mention stress.

Actually, prior to writing this article, I never would’ve suggested stress to her. However, since writing this article, stress was brought to our attention and I believe that’s a part of it. My initial reaction would’ve been “what do you have to be stressed about?? You have ME.” That’s when it was pointed out to me that simply knowing you’re not healthy and waking up with that daily thought is more than enough reason to experience stress.

This is the first time either of us have heard of Garbor Mate and will look in to his YouTube channel. Thank you for stopping by, it really means a lot.

13.12.2019 13:34

I don't think he has a channel himself, but there's a lot of different videos of him on Youtube. His recent work is more on trauma and addiction. I would suggest this:

He can speak quite slowly so I watch at 1.5x speed hehe

13.12.2019 16:47

Oh my gosh! My sweet @puravidaville , I had no idea, last time we spook she was getting better. I am definitively no expert, but I would say, that only systematic allergy testing could possible tell. It could be anything, from food, detergent, dust, soup or even fabric. I really hope you guys will figure out soon. Sending lots of hugs 💖

15.12.2019 00:42

Thank you for keeping an eye on us @lenasveganliving. The response from this article has been incredible. If only health professionals cared a fraction as much as a bunch of people we’ve never met.

15.12.2019 07:58

Hello Dan, you know we care about each other here on Steemit. Maybe someday the community will have even more power and ability to reach out to medical professionals. In the mean time all we can do is give love. I really hope our Sweet Pura gets better soon. Keep us posted 💖

15.12.2019 17:01

Deal, Lena—my pleasure. ❤️

15.12.2019 17:18

Thank you @lenasveganliving! I thought it was a one shot deal too but they continue to come back now 🤦🏼‍♀️ Hopefully it’ll all get sorted soon. I appreciate your hugs 🥰

15.12.2019 08:22

I am so sorry Sweetie! I wish I could tell what is it and how to treat it. Keep me posted 😘😘😘

15.12.2019 16:55

Oh man so sorry to hear Pura is having health issues! I remember when you wrote about the hives in Greece and thought it was just an allergy but this sounds quite alarming! If conventional meds don't help and you've ruled out allergies, I would seriously consider finding a good homeopath. I will ask the one I have seen what Pura's symptoms sounds like; she lectures mostly nowadays but may just have an inkling what it could be. Praying you get to the bottom of this!

Posted using Partiko Android

17.12.2019 06:29

You know what, @lizelle? After having spent two years fighting what we thought was “leaky gut” diagnosed from health professionals from prestigious schools such as UCLA and Stanford, after just one week of reaching out to a bunch of virtual strangers, I think we’re finally on the right path. Thank God for @jaguar.force.

But please don’t hesitate to reach out to your homeopathic friend. Much love, Lizelle, and thank you for caring.

I’ve mentioned to many people so I apologize if I’m repeating myself but if trained medical professionals cared a fraction as much as this platform, the world would be a better place. ❤️

edit Thank you for resteeming this one, Lily.

17.12.2019 07:03

A good old friend of mine is osteopath and he says 90% of our civilizational sicknesses all derive from the soul or psyche...Is there any life topic pressing down on her?

17.12.2019 12:43

You know what, @networkallstar? It wasn’t until I released this article our awareness was broadened beyond medicine as far as the psyche and mind over matter practices. Fascinating—I only wish I released this article two years ago.

Actually, yes, my response two weeks ago would’ve been “what can you be stressed about? You have ME.” But the fact is, we’ve been traveliving abroad since January this year in 30 day intervals. Although it’s exciting and adventurous, spontaneous, etc. Someone like me reacts differently and it can very well be causing unknown stresses to her—something the hives made visible.

We’ve received so much help and attention from all of you virtual strangers, we now believe we’re making progress. One is the natural gut flora we’re replacing in her while countering the bad flora with natural enzymes in heavy doses rather than antibiotics. Another is we’re going to take a break for a minute—we’re going to book our next stay at the start of the year for 90 days so she can just rest for a minute.

I really appreciate you responding to this, can you tell? 😉 The reaction and response we received from this article has been humbling—thank you!

17.12.2019 16:31

Taking a break sounds good to me👍😉👌I wish you a happy and merry Xmas! 🎄🎅🙏

18.12.2019 09:42

@puravidaville!!!!! I just read this and so much of this sounds familiar. My youngest daughter who is gluten/dairy/sugar free, has beaucoup allergies and life threatening asthma has has these hives as well. In her case Allegra is the allergy med which helps with the hives. It is called Urticaria and can be attributed to physical changes in the environment pressure/cold/heat or stress/anxiety. Originally the hives would happen in the gym when she would work out. But she has even had them when outside in cold weather. Taking allegra has definitely lessend the frequency of occurance. Staying gluten/dairy and sugar free has really helped her. I am so sorry you are faced with these crazy symptoms, it has to be so stressful while you're traveling. I'll be praying for you!!!! xx God bless you guys!

25.12.2019 04:29