What if Love was a physical being, following us around throughout our day?

Everywhere I go I am accompanied by Love.

The immediate thought that popped into my head when I heard this affirmation last night was, “What if today, when that Exceedingly stressing thing happened, Love, my lover, was there beside me to talk to? What if I had turned to him, hurt, tired, eyes pleading, and asked, ‘Please, Love, help me see this through Your eyes! Please!’”

It would have changed my entire day.

It would change every day.

It would change my life.

And frankly… If I look at it through the veil of what I believe, borrowed from my Christian upbringing, the Bible itself, and other various texts I’ve taken in, then I can actually allow myself to see life this way. Love is a person. Or personage at least. And Love, the being, walks beside me every day, through every situation, and I can choose, if I remember, to stop and ASK Love to guide my perception.

It is both liberating and terrifying.

All I have to do, is remember.

I've got you.

Image courtesy of Marco Bianchetti

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