Dance and have fun week 146 - See who took part in Dance and have fun week 145

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Dear dance lovers

Thank you for taking part in this event.

You will love watching all the beautiful dance videos shared by your friends.

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How to enter:

One entry per person only.

This dance event is aimed at people over 18 years old.

Write a post on the "Dance and music" community.

Videos should be at least one minute long.

The title should be, "Dance and have fun week 146"

Create your entry post by next Thursday, 17/06/21.

Prizes vary. They are in STEEM if this post receives a decent payout otherwise they are delivered with a percentage of the next post payout.

Please use #dance as one of your tags.

@steemcurator01, thank you for supporting this event and this community!

These are the lovely entries from Dance and have fun week 145 in order from the earliest to the latest submission.

Thank you friends for taking part in this fun dance event!

You will receive 1.5 STEEM each and the rest of the payout from the previous post will be converted to STEEM POWER.


















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Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for watching!

Comments 11

Dear dance lovers

You have received 1.5 STEEM each from @danceandmusic.

12.06.2021 12:44

Muchísimas graciasss <3

13.06.2021 01:28

saludos y bendiciones para todos los participantes felicidades, gracias @danceandmusic!

13.06.2021 17:59

hola amada comunidad de @danceandmusic feliz de participar en esta semana de baile
Baila y diviértete semana 146//Alex Zurdo "Te Siento" @nilsonparedes

14.06.2021 03:33

hola @danceandmusic sigo en mi participacion disfrutando de bailar para la comunidad y para los usuarios que me siguen.
Dance and have fun week 146// Hoy Tengo Libertad @genesisdeguedes

14.06.2021 03:58

Hola amigos buenos días aquí les dejo el link de mi participación. Saludos @mariluna💜

17.06.2021 13:28
17.06.2021 14:25