Asus X550z Repaste Service Overheating FIX Full GUIDE

In this video i will show you how to Service and repaste your Asus X550z STEP By STEP.


👉 Tools used:

✔The proper Teardown kit!:
✔Shop Towels Origina:
✔Tweezer Set:
✔Guitar Picks:
✔Electric Screwdriver:
✔Thermal Paste:
✔Canned Air:
✔Alcohol isopropilico:
✔THICK insulated jumper wire:
✔Kapton tape:
✔Freeze Spray:
✔Conformal coating:

👉 Equipment Used:

✔Portable Soldering Iron:
✔Air Duster:
✔Hakko Hot Air Station:
✔Nozzle for hot air station:
✔Hakko Soldering Station:
✔Hakko Air Filter:
✔Kester Solder:

👉 Diagnostic tools:
USB amp meter:
USB-C amp meter:
On-Screen multimeter:
CHEAP multimeter:
Bench PSU:

👉 Ultrasonic Cleaning:
Branson EC cleaning fluid:

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