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Dividends across the board are looking good from iOST side. iPLAY and iFRY are paying out pretty good. Come join our telegram group and help us reach 500 members. There is currently a WNKR Campaign going. For more info, join t.me/DecentralizedMindz

TronTopia - http://bit.ly/TRXTopia

50% Bonus Dominance DApp - http://bit.ly/DomDApp

Gandhiji DAppStats Link - https://dappstats.com/dapp/gandhijiio#

Gandhiji Link - http://bit.ly/Gandjiji

WankRoll - https://dominance.io/wankroll/
STEEMIT - @damajicman3
Twitter - @BentCrypto
Telegram Channel - https://t.me/DecentralizedMindz
Telegram - @BentCrypto
CryptoHeem Channel - http://bit.ly/CryptoHeem
CryptoSaint Channel - http://bit.ly/CryptoSaint

CoinBase Pro - http://bit.ly/2SMbiHW
KuCoin Exchange - http://bit.ly/2ULUTVO
Bibox Exchange - http://bit.ly/2sgZMsU

PrimeXBT - https://primexbt.com?signup=97104
Brave Browser - http://bit.ly/2RT2Dmy
Ledger Nano S - http://bit.ly/2oBMODR
Quadency 25% Discount - http://bit.ly/2FWiVH4
GGBot Crypto Trading Bot - http://bit.ly/2CNBFZZ

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