The Tron Effect on Steem | Numbers on the Tron Tag, Overall Activity and Power Downs

The TRON thing took a lot of Steemians by surprise. The tweets from @justinsunsteemit were quite confusing and still continue to be. Mentions on a token swap, migrating dapps to TRON etc. Although this is all speculation at the moment it made a lot of Steemians nervous.


Let’s take a look at the activity on the blockchain and what effect this had in the last days.

Posts and comments with the #tron tag

It is pretty obvious that there are lot of posts and discussions on the Tron thing. The trending is full of posts about it and a lot of comments about it.

Here is the chart on the Tron tag for February.


Prior to the announcement there were almost no post with the #tron tag. Just a few of them daily. After the announcement on February 14th there is a clear jump in the tag activity with reaching almost 500 posts and comments daily. Now a lot of the comments are under the first tag of the post, that in most of the cases is not #tron, meaning the numbers of comments under the Tron discussions is even bigger. Still we can see the clear trend here with a huge jump.

What about the overall posting activity?

Here is the chart on the overall post and comments on the blockchain for February.


There is no significant increase on the overall activity. Actually, the activity was a bit higher prior to February 14th. Maybe some of the Steemians loost some will for posting in this period.

Power Downs

Here is the chart on daily power downs.


Well a clear spike here. On February 14th, just at the announcing day there is around 7.5M SP put to power down. The next day this number is 1.7M SP and after it dropped down below a million.

Who is making the power downs?

Here is the list of the top 20 accounts that started powering down.


@blocktrades is the main player here with 4M SP powering down. Some other well know community members on the list as well.

This obviously says that the uncertainty is real among Steemians.

I really wish for some real communication between the Tron team, Steemit Inc and the top Steem witnesses so things clear up. This twitter nonsense and miscommunication is causing real concerns among the community. The sooner we have some real information or at least a real communication channel between the both sides the better for everyone, including Sun. Hope those millions spent won’t go for nothing.

Bad media coverage as well :).

All the best

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17.02.2020 21:42

Damn thats quite the reaction lol lets hope the power down helps with distribution, more steem in the hands of more people is always a good thing

17.02.2020 21:56

Just now watching the @exyle interview ... this may calm things a bit....

17.02.2020 21:59

I watched it too, hope they walk the talk words mean very little in this space! Also better get ready if 6 million steem is about to get dumped on the open market could be cheap as chips soon!

17.02.2020 22:18

It need 13 weeks :) ... meaning around 460k weekly, if we assume worst case scenario that all of it will be dumped immediately... having in mind that the steem volume is more than a million $ per day...(a lot bots included).. reaching even 5 M recently ... this 100k or so weekly wont change much

Some may be canceled by then as well

17.02.2020 22:35

Good to know, FUD is probably rampant right now.

18.02.2020 19:43

And this is example for why I voted against the 4 week power down.

18.02.2020 21:31

Do you know what is funny? Some people are talking about powering down millions of Steem as if they were just/only came from the grocery store. Probably that is a very small amount of money for them.

18.02.2020 19:32

lol well clearly they picked it up for pennies or were one of those who got 4k upvotes when it stared! Powering down also helps some peeps not hog the inflation so go for it kids

18.02.2020 19:53

@tipu curate

17.02.2020 22:16

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 15/20 - need recharge?)

17.02.2020 22:17

I think these were impulse power downs .... with more information coming in and clarity things will settle ... also some of them may be canceled as well... will see how it all goes .... but clearly there was an effect

17.02.2020 22:30

What do you think about the price movement of Steem?
Will the price of Steem go below $0.10 USD soon?

18.02.2020 19:28

Following the more positive news from the Steem Inc people, I doubt if it'll go that low, unless BTC tanks down to $5K,

But as always that's not financial advice!

18.02.2020 21:06

Thanks. If the price of Steem will go below $0.10 USD, then I will buy some Steem. Probably not a huge amount. Maybe a few hundred Steem. Or a few thousand Steem. Except, if the price of Steem will go very low. I will buy much more in that case. Imagine Steem hitting $0.01 USD. I would buy more than 10 000 Steem in that case. We will see.

18.02.2020 21:25

This won´t happen! With the increased visibility and new marketing efforts most likely we won´t go further then 18c anymore.

19.02.2020 13:35

I was wondering about same stats, thanks! 👍

18.02.2020 04:33

You are welcomed.

18.02.2020 07:58

Thanks for this @dalz, some very interesting and revealing information.

18.02.2020 05:22


18.02.2020 07:56

I guess most of them powering down to capitalize if the price of steem goes much higher.
Those guys are hodlers.

18.02.2020 06:51

Yes possibly ... probably some of them will be canceled at some point as well

18.02.2020 07:56

Yeah you're right on this.

Posted via Steemleo

18.02.2020 15:02

I wouldn’t have guessed all of the users on the power down list. So many names I’m used to seeing all of the time.

18.02.2020 06:53

They want to have some liquid steem on a side ... just in case ... probably most of them wont go with all the 13 week power down and cancel it at some point.

18.02.2020 07:58

I understand wanting to have some liquid. I do the same, but usually less than 1000 Steem. I’m sure you’re right about them will cancel it after a few payouts. Especially if the power down gets changed to 4 weeks.

18.02.2020 15:40

Now blocktrades is powering down only 1.5M. Maybe they need it for their exchange?

18.02.2020 07:22

Update: Still 4M power down

18.02.2020 07:26

Check after one week...

18.02.2020 07:57

Would be interesting to see the power up stats

18.02.2020 08:18

The are not as interesting at the moment :)
Will do some probably in the future.

18.02.2020 09:42

You can see the last 7 days (2020.02.10-2020.02.17) in this blog post written by @penguinpablo:
Daily Steem Stats Report - Tuesday, February 18, 2020.
The blog post is showing both the Power Up and the Power Down amounts, and the difference between them.

18.02.2020 21:32

Such reactions should always be expected. people have to look for a way to secure their investment of time and content.

Posted via Steemleo

18.02.2020 15:01

Hi I really appreciate your list of stats although it is a concerning sight to see such big stakeholders powering down while the price of steem is still so low by comparison to what is expected in the coming bull run.

Having said that, it would be clearer to see the entire list of power down accounts versus the power up accounts so as to compare the overall trend or sentiment after the news.

18.02.2020 19:39

The sentiment is much more for the power down ... even without accurate numbers I can say this :)
But dont worry everything will be fine :)

18.02.2020 21:32

Lol good attitude, I agree. We will steem on. Let's keep the steemtron rolling.

20.02.2020 11:21

I really wish for some real communication between the Tron team, Steemit Inc and the top Steem witnesses so things clear up.

Maybe waiting the first round PD selloff to buy more Steem first, then some communication...

19.02.2020 18:35

Dear @dalz

It is pretty obvious that there are lot of posts and discussions on the Tron thing.

Indeed. Steemit exploded in past few days. I wasn't aware that TRON tag became THAT popular. Amout of power downs is also worrying.

I've already read tons of comments and it's clear to me, that steem community is breaking into few different groups. It's surely very worrying time for many users.

Personally I decided to be optimistic. Justin is a business man and I found it difficult to imagine that he would destroy his new "toy" (steemit). Expensive toy.

Also one thing that people seem to forget is the fact, that Steemit Inc. has been dumping large amount of steem on the market on montly basis - creating enormous selling pressure. I don't think Justin will follow this strategy.

Many things surely will change and some users will be gone. I expect that mostly whales and witnesses will have a very challenging time adapting. Wouldn't you agree?

I decided to be optimistic. I wrote more about my own approach to this issue in my latest post (link here). Check it out and drop some comment :)

Upvote on the way :)
Cheers, Piotr

20.02.2020 18:41

I expect that mostly whales and witnesses will have a very challenging time adapting. Wouldn't you agree?

The once whi have most to loose :)

21.02.2020 22:07

It's me again @dalz

I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.

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Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

03.03.2020 12:54

This is going to help redistrubute the wealth on Steemit.

21.02.2020 03:11