Ranking tribes by activity and Users | Which Tribe has the most traffic and users?

An analysis will be made on activity and number of users of the different Steem Engine tribes for October 2019. The tribes have been around for a couple of months now and we will be looking how are they standing after this period.


Here I will be looking at the following Steem Engine Tribes:

  • Palnet
  • Steemcoinpan
  • Steemleo
  • Sportstalksocial
  • Creativecoin
  • Neoxian
  • Splintertalk
  • SteemAce
  • Battlegames
  • Weedcash
  • SteemZzan
  • Dporn
  • Stemgeeks

There are more tribes out there, but I will be focusing on these one in this report as one of the more popular ones.

Activities on Steem Engine Tribes

Two separate data will be presented about the Steem Engine Tribes activities. Number of posts and comments containing the tag of the tribe and the number of posts and comments that were made directly through the frontend.
The posts and comments can be made from other Steem frontends and add the tribes tag.
The ranks of the tribes will be made according to the activities on their frontend. This will be the main parameter, although I will include the numbers for the tags.

Here is the chart on the overall tribes activity. Posts and comments.


The white column are the total activities containing the tribe’s tag, and the darker column represents the activities made on the tribe’s frontend.

Sportstalk is the tribe with most activities on its frontend. Obviously Steemians like to chat about sport 😊. Next is the Korean community Steemcoinpan, followed by another Korean community ZZAN. Palnet is on the fourth place although it started the tribes, followed by Steemleo the investors community.

If we look at the tag numbers, palnet is first. But as mentioned the ranking here is according to the activity coming from the tribes frontend. Also, it can be noticed that a lot of the activity is coming from the tags compared to the native frontends.

Posts on Steem Engine Tribes

Here is the breakdown on posts and comments. First the posts.


The ranking here is almost similar as the previous one. Sportstalk again at the top, followed by Steemcoinpan, Palnet, ZZAN and Steemleo. Again the tag data is much bigger than the posts from the tribes frontends.

Comments on Steem Engine Tribes

Here is the chart for the number of comments.


Similar trend on the comments as for the previous activiities.

Share ofthe activities made from the tribe’s frontend

As mentioned above the posts and comments on the tribe’s web (frontend) can be made from other frontend and just include the tribes tag. Also, it can be made directly from the tribe’s frontend.
Here is the share of the overall activities made from the tribe’s frontend.


Neoxian is the winner here with more than 40% share coming from their web. Although in the number of activities it comes somewhere in the middle, but a large share of it, is from the tribes web. Next are Steemcoinpan, Sportstalk and Dporn.

No of Users on Steem Engine Tribes

The numbers of users presented here are unique users that made post from the tribes web/frontend. As for the data above the priority is given to the tribes native frontends.

Here is the chart for the number of users on Steem Engine tribes that posted from the tribes web in October.


Using the criteria above, the Steemcoipan community has the largest number of users that posted from their web in October 2019. They have introduced a rule to reward user with their token, that are posting only from their native frontend.
On the second place is Sportstalk, that having in mind that has the largest number of activities on their web is no surprise to be in the top by the number of users as well. Then comes Palnet, ZZAN and Steemleo.

All the best

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Interesting report. It’s always nice to see that there is room to grow on Steem and beyond. The beginning stages are hard and fun. Thanks for putting this together Dalz :)

Thanks for posting from https://Steemleo.com 🦁

10.11.2019 00:27

Yea its interesting how things are moving along in this first stages :)
Also seeing different approaches from different tribes and how that is reflected.

10.11.2019 00:33

As always great work @dalz. It is wonderful to see the numbers.

While they are small now, the key is trend. Are we seeing an increase each month?

I know that the numbers of Steemleo appear to be moving ahead. There is more activity on the front end than before.

Ultimately, it will be key for the tribes to reach outside the ecosystem and get people posting from the frontend.

10.11.2019 00:53

I did a similar report back in august and originally I wanted to compare them.... but maybe in the next one :)

I think the general activity on the platform is down after the hardfork and this reflects in the tribes as well. Palnet is down by a lot, and the other ones are mixed. Some some down. Curating is more interesting now and a lot of people find it easier to curate than create content .... that is natural I think. So less activity isn't always bad :).

10.11.2019 01:05

Very Interesting report.

10.11.2019 00:54


10.11.2019 01:06

Excellent breakdown and thanks for sharing this great data @dalz

10.11.2019 01:27

@dalz always puts together great reports.

It is good to see the progress of dporn.

10.11.2019 01:55

Interesting overview of the different tribes and their stats. Thanks for the work!

10.11.2019 03:45

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10.11.2019 14:36

"The white column are the total activities containing the tribe’s tag, and the darker column represents the activities made on the tribe’s frontend."

I think the white is the frontend?

Is Steemleo growing the fastest?

10.11.2019 16:18

You are right :)
Not sure about the growth .... will try to do this one every month and compare .... in the last period there was drop in activities in general ....more curation, less posts, so maybe the question who has the smallest drop :)

10.11.2019 16:41

Hi dear friend @dalz.

These are very interesting numbers, the support with the graphics makes it very visually pleasing and facilitates understanding. Nice job!

I can't help thinking that Steem-Engine with its tokens and tribes are only in rehearsal for SMTs.
Although the testnet is currently running, these results from the activities of the steem-engine tribes that have been accumulating since its launch, are valuable material to correct any possible failures and make prior improvements.

The goal was to reach the SMT´s ICOs.

Your friend, Juan.

12.11.2019 00:09


12.11.2019 15:31

to you!

12.11.2019 19:19

Hi @dalz

Excellent analysis friend, I see that the tribes have great acceptance however I can also see that the Korean community is at the top, with respect to the American community.

I really liked the dynamic form of the graphics as they are shown since you can easily appreciate the behavior of the tribes.

You should do an analysis of user behavior according to the region.

I would like to know in which position Latin America is especially Venezuela.

Greetings friend.

14.11.2019 21:02

Thanks for the nice words .... I look into the blockchain for the data above .... the geographical data can come from the web analytics .... I may try out something in the future.

15.11.2019 14:22

Dear @dalz

Good assumption :) (ps. sorry for such a late reply)

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HAPPY NEW YEAR :) Hopefully 2020 won't be as scary as many expert are predicting.


05.01.2020 08:34

Thanks for this really nice explained post

16.11.2019 06:05