No More Buying Votes with DEC! Is DEC burning affected?

Buying votes with DEC ended on September 30th . This was one of the popular ways to BURN DEC.
How does this affect the DEC burn rate? Are there any changes?


Apart from the above mentioned there are still many ways to burn DEC. You can buy orbs, potions and skins with it. The guilds need it for upgrades. The tournaments prizes are now payed in DEC.

The Splinterlands/Steemmonsters Beta packs were sold out on October 7th , or 22 days ago. Although the DEC for buying packs is not burned, it still a great utility for the token. There is an option to buy Untamed packs with the DEC but this is probably done less than the Beta packs. That series is still not out yet and cannot be used at the moment.

The DEC token is non stackable token so to speak. There is no benefit to hold it (except speculative 😊). This means that it requires a lot of use cases and burns for it to maintain its value. Burning tokens or creating sinks is essential.

The DEC token was launched starting from 05/20/2019. An overview will be made on the tokens burned starting from that day until today. All transaction to the @null account will be presented on a daily basis.

All time DEC Burned

Here is the chart for the all time DEC burned vs created.


Notes:The vertical Y axis is on a logarithmic scale for better readability. There are few days with more than 10M burned and those are cut from the chart.

The DEC Created line is the daily reward pool according to the anouncment from @steemmonsters a 1 million per day and going down 1% each 30 days. It doesn’t include the DEC created from burning cards.

The DEC Burned line is the DEC sent to the @null account. All the transaction to @null are made from the @steemmonsters account and they are executing the burns from all the buys and sinks.

We can notice that there is a small drop in the last days of the chart. Lets see the monthlychart.

Monthly burns

Here is the monthly chart.


October is not over yet, the data is till October 27th.

The first months, June and July have a significant amount of DEC burned and I guess those are months of stabilization. August and September are stabilized around the 30M mark with very close numbers of DEC burned vs created, although in September there is slightly more DEC created than burned.

Date Burned Created
May-19 100,000 12,000,000
Jun-19 89,642,994 29,848,000
Jul-19 60,712,100 30,544,000
Aug-19 33,522,372 30,240,000
Sep-19 27,148,858 28,012,000
Oct-19 (1-27) 20,161,467 25,841,000

October is not over yet and the data is till October 27th. In this period, we can see that the amount of DEC created is bigger by DEC burned. 25.8M vs 20.1M. Until the end of the month this number will be bigger somewhere in the 3M to 4M range.

This means that October will probably end somewhere around 6M more DEC created than burned. As already noted, the DEC from burning cards in not taken into consideration, and also the @steemmonsters account is doing the final transfers to null. They may have different dynamics that may also affect this numbers.
The overall picture is that removing the vote buying has reduced the DEC burning somewhere around the 5M mark.

Here is the last 30 days chart.


And the table.

Date DEC Burn DEC Created
27.09.2019 1,116,304 962000
28.09.2019 490,621 962000
29.09.2019 999,860 962000
30.09.2019 3,009,442 962000
01.10.2019 1,379,941 962000
02.10.2019 2,588,721 962000
03.10.2019 680,703 962000
04.10.2019 956,014 962000
05.10.2019 770,602 962000
06.10.2019 238,296 962000
07.10.2019 791,525 962000
08.10.2019 1,001,788 962000
09.10.2019 891,095 962000
10.10.2019 858,896 962000
11.10.2019 457,531 962000
12.10.2019 1,126,421 962000
13.10.2019 334,100 962000
14.10.2019 1,293,289 952500
15.10.2019 198,224 952500
16.10.2019 1,098,312 952500
17.10.2019 221,093 952500
18.10.2019 207,887 952500
19.10.2019 360,091 952500
20.10.2019 395,686 952500
21.10.2019 589,116 952500
22.10.2019 799,520 952500
23.10.2019 536,417 952500
24.10.2019 837,904 952500
25.10.2019 435,168 952500
26.10.2019 522,497 952500
27.10.2019 590,630 952500

DEC Created is calculated as already mentioned above excluding cards burns for DEC.

All the best

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Wait the distributed supply to players is decreased by 1% each month. So next May there will only be 880,000 DEC distributed each day instead of 1 million?

29.10.2019 16:30

Yes. That what they said in the announcment posts linked in the post above. Havent heard of any official change from them on this topic.

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