New Steem Accounts – October 2019

This is an update for October 2019 for the new Steem accounts. A short overview will be made on the number of accounts created in October by date and overall.
Who created the most accounts will also be presented and additional info on the accounts activity and balance?


Accounts creations in October 2019

Below is a chart of the number of accounts created daily in October 2019.


A total of 9,187 Steem accounts were created in October 2019

The daily char shows a steady number of accounts being created.
Compared to September 2019 when this number was 10,045, the numbers are a bit down.

Here is the number of accounts created by month.


Looks like we are hovering between the 9k to 12k since may 2019.

Who created the accounts?

Below is a chart for the account creators.


Steem created the most accounts with 72% share. Next are Steemhunt, Steemmonsters, and Fundition. Oracle-D and Blocktrades are also in the top creators of accounts.

If we want to see organic growth on Steem we need a lot of different project creating new accounts. New tribes, games etc. Once we have a more diverse creators of accounts and Steem with less share with created accounts it will be a great position for the Steem Blockchain.

Accounts Distribution per Number of Posts

How active were the new accounts? Do they got rewarded for their activities?

Below is a chart of the number of accounts and how much they posted. The accounts are grouped in 4 groups.

Comments are also included in the number of posts.


A majority 76,6% of the accounts that were created in October didn’t posted at all. An 8% posted only once, 7,5% posted between 2 and 5 times. The rest of the accounts share around 7,9% are in the group that posted more than once. Their distribution is shown on the chart.

Accounts Distribution per Balance

Below is a chart of the number of accounts and their distribution according to the balance of the account. The balance is approximate and not totally accurate.


A majority, 91,1% of the accounts created in October have 0 balance. An 5% have balance between 0 and 1, 1,3% are between 1 to 5 STEEM. The rest of the accounts share around 2,5% are in the groups with a balance more than 5 STEEM.

The balance doesn’t include the delegated STEEM that the accounts usually get when created.

Top 10 new accounts with the largest number of posts

Here are the top 10 accounts created in October 2019 and had the biggest number of posts and comments.

No User Posts
1 @original.content 1,243
2 @dblog.supporter 766
3 @bdvoter.cur 552
4 @blue-eagle 354
5 335
6 @atheistrepublic 315
7 @downvoter 282
8 @fenngen 275
9 @deranged.coin 243
10 215

Top 10 accounts with the biggest balance

Here are the top 10 accounts created in Ocotber 2019 and have the biggest balance.

No User Balance
1 @upbitsteem 17,352,495
2 @aclact4bs 103,512
3 @canaca 14,447
4 @jnbottomley 10,974
5 @organictrade 10,069
6 @steem0nster 10,015
7 @om-acct 7,989
8 @meghanapuniwala 6,721
9 @arthur67 4,211
10 @spigfun 4,001

All the best

Comments 14

Thanks for running those stats.

I agree, the more projects that are creating accounts, the better it is for the entire ecosystem. We need to see things spread out even further.

05.11.2019 16:35

Yes, if we manage to have lets say 5 projects creating 50% share of the accounts than it is a big deal.
The project is decentrilized and there is no single point of failure.

05.11.2019 16:39

Any more info available on @upbitsteem. Is it an exchange account?

It brought in 17 million STEEM from Bittrex a week ago.

05.11.2019 18:10

Yes I belive so.... the upbit exchange ...they moved this from bittrex a week ago

I think/not sure steem is not listed there .... so maybe a future listing ....

05.11.2019 18:33

Upbit seems to be the second largest exchange for STEEM/KRW...

05.11.2019 18:57

Yes ....not sure why this move then .... some changes there :)

05.11.2019 19:00

its the Koreans and @kingskrown about to pump SBD again! It leverages STEEM since SBD is smaller supply easier to pump. I know people on telegram ready to pump SBD

06.11.2019 13:58

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06.11.2019 02:50

damn bro can u hook me up with the BTCMYK curation/ I need those man

and did u see this upbot account 18 million steem? I bet they are gonna pump SBD or sell it to some big buyers OTC :P

06.11.2019 14:00

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06.11.2019 09:48

Nice to see new accounts but most people are not using the free account they got and since steem auto upgraded the curating pattern of auto upvote I don't think does dust accounts can be use for curation trail

06.11.2019 15:13

Hi dear friend @dalz.

I find it unfortunate that this large percentage of accounts created have not made a single post.

This gives the impression that they are not legitimate accounts. That is, they do not belong to common "people." Maybe they are accounts created in series? belonging to an organization? What would be the purpose?

Since the implementation of the last HF appeared legions of accounts of recent creation, which are only dedicated to indiscriminate downvote. For me this is a meaningless activity that does not correspond to the true essence of the existence of downvotes.

Perhaps a sampling analysis of the activity of these accounts should be done to determine if there is any relationship.

Your friend, Juan.

11.11.2019 23:51