Data on Power Up and Power Downs on STEEM in these turbulent times | By Date and Accounts

The TRON acquisition on Steemit Inc was announced on February 14th. Almost a month has past since then. What happen in this month can be a material for a whole book. What we have at the moment is a stalemate between the Justin Sun controlled witnesses and the community witnesses.

How are the power ups and down doing in this period? The data we are about to see is a one time only on the Steem blockchain. We have never seen the amount of SP powering up and down as in the last period.


Power Downs

Here is the chart on the Power Downs starting from January 1, 2020.


Note: The numbers in the chart are on Power Downs that has started. Some of them may be canceled as it needs 13 weeks to Power Down.

Obviously, the chart is not as readable as we would like to but its just like that. I have tried logarithmic scale and it doesn’t get any better.

What we can see for sure is that before February 14, the amount of daily Power Downs is in the range of a few hundred thousands, something like from 100k to 300k. The average for the period is 260k.

When the announcement happened a lot of Steemians didn’t like it, especially with the token swap wording. I resulted in a 7.5 million SP started to be powered down. Also, the next days there were more STEEM putting in power down then the period before. On average 800k SP per day.

The last two days of the chart that make the spikes are the exchanges powering down. First @huobi-withdrawal on March 8 with almost 8M SP and then @binance-hot with 31M SP.

Here is the table of the top 20 powering down:
No Account SP
1 binance-hot 31,730,000
2 huobi-withdrawal 7,975,781
3 blocktrades 4,048,830
4 cjsdns 826,354
5 wackou 611,308
6 themarkymark 584,249
7 suonghuynh 464,525
8 goku1 435,168
9 shai-2 406,256
10 cjsdns 353,591
11 adsactly 326,971
12 twinner 299,404
13 stevoperon 258,323
14 redpalestino 252,834
15 sigizzang 252,479
16 adsactly 252,242
17 friendlystranger 252,009
18 exyle 250,585
19 bramd 250,354
20 redpalestino 249,395

Again, a note that this are power downs that were started. Some of them may be canceled. I know for sure that @blocktrades who has started powering down after the announcement on February 14, has now canceled that and is supporting the community witnesses.

Powering UP

Now let’s see the power ups. Here is the chart.


Look at that spike. This is happening once in a lifetime 😊. Almost 45M SP was powered up on March 2, 2020 mainly by the three exchanges, Binance, Huobi and Poloniex. They used that stake to change witnesses on that date and make an announcement.

Prior till this date the average daily SP powered up is somewhere around 95k SP. The next few days after March 2nd there are also large amounts of powering up counted in millions.

Here is the table of the top 20 powering UP:
No Account SP
1 binance-hot 31,730,000
2 huobi-withdrawal 8,000,001
3 hkdev404 3,209,831
4 poloniex 2,281,100
5 darthknight 1,902,837
6 theycallmedan 1,135,172
7 coldbrewpete 1,000,000
8 adm 876,836
9 payroll 861,277
10 bitdev100 800,107
11 pacemaker 636,278
12 blocktrades 399,239
13 holiday 384,210
14 shai-2 291,954
15 friendlystranger 248,593
16 joe767676 240,516
17 geos 180,000
18 speak.delegation 175,017
19 freedom 170,047
20 goku1 167,708

The first two on the list have started powering down. The @hkdev404 is still powered up and is voting TRON witnesses. The same goes for @poloniex. The only exchange that didn’t power down and continue voting witnesses.
The @darthknight account is a new kid in the block with almost 2M SP and it support community witnesses. Thanks!

Here is a chart trying to put Power UPs vs Power Downs.


With no filter on the canceled power downs I can’t tell for sure who is winning here.

One thing is certain. The events from the past month arre changing the Stem blockchain like nothing before. Things will never be the same around here.

All the best

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Good info

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12.03.2020 22:49

The big question, who is the Darthknight?

Obviously a big player. Hopefully there is more to come from that account.

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Ask the man :)

13.03.2020 06:43

Yes whomever the @darthknight is, he/she is solidly behind the Steem community and against Justin.

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14.03.2020 17:06

Thanks for this! I've been curious

13.03.2020 03:05