Word to meditate: "The filling of the Holy Spirit"




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The powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit in a person's life helps him to experience the glory of God's transforming power, for a process of inner change and renewal.

Sin is the agent that causes the anointing to come out. Constancy in sin leads the person to experience spiritual death.

He who remains in sin has not known God, and becomes an old skin in which there is no capacity to resist the power of the new wine under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The Word says in Matthew 9:17

"Nor do they pour new wine into old wineskins; otherwise, the wineskins are broken and the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are lost; but they pour the new wine into new wineskins and one and the other are preserved together . "

The old skin is the man tainted in sin, does not allow the Word of God to have its effect of change in his life. He hears the Word and drowns it with his constant way of living sinful. In this case, the old skin remains in spiritual death, because it does not allow the Word to fulfill its purpose in it.

The new skin is the person who listens to the word of God carefully, makes it his own and begins a process of repentance and elimination of sin.

The new wine is the Holy Spirit that allows the person (to breathe again) to be convinced of sin. The new wine is the anointing that brings a powerful awakening in the person who repents of his sins and begins a fervent search for God. The new wine, which is the Holy Spirit, is like a fuel in the person reborn in Christ, which allows him to seek intimacy with God, and leads him to pray, read the Word, congregate in a church and a fervent desire to preach the word

When we are full of the new wine (Holy Spirit), love, joy, peace, faith, meekness, patience, kindness and temperance flow to us.

We must avoid extinguishing the flame of the Holy Spirit so that there is a majestic flowering in the life of the Christian.

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The Holy Spirit is like a fire that burns within us, we must always ask for its fullness, it is the way to have communion with the truth and with God, the precious holy spirit who gives us peace and breathes life over everything that is dead.

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Yes Holy Spirit fill me once more

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