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Pride is a path that leads us to trust our own qualities and knowledge, leaving aside the will of God. Pride injects thoughts of self-reliance into our hearts and makes us trust ourselves and not God.

We want to do things our way and not God's way. When we deviate along the path of pride we can reach our own moral and spiritual ruin.

When we rely on our own strength to fight against sin or achieve our goals, we ensure our defeat. After all, everything we acquire outside of God's will ends up becoming ashes. A good example of this principle was King Uzziah of Judah.

Uzziah was a great reformer and a fierce warrior who enjoyed great successes while "persisting in seeking God" (2 Chronicles 26: 5). This king could have enjoyed a lifetime of victories if he had kept his focus on God.

Unfortunately, Uzziah turned his attention to everything he had accomplished and fell prey to pride. The predictable result was that his behavior was corrupted and that he was unfaithful to the Lord.

This king was altered to such an extent by his pride that he believed he was above the law and entered the temple to do something strictly forbidden by the Word of God (Exodus 30). The Lord wounded Uzziah with leprosy for usurping the exclusive work of the priests and desecrating the temple. In addition, he suffered a tragic death as a result of his sin (2 Chronicles 26: 16-23).

It is notorious to remember that pride can take us to places where we are not competent and destroy us in a short time. If we want to walk with God, we must listen when He tells us to be humble and to obey Him.

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Very true @dali13, we must be careful with this feeling of pride, because certainly pride destroys all relationship with God. DTB

21.09.2019 12:56