I am glad to greet you and wish you that the grace and peace of God the Father be with your life and your family in the name of Jesus.

The Lord Jesus Christ motivates his disciples of the great need to seek first the kingdom of God and leave personal needs in the background.

Matthew 6:33 says:

> But first seek the kingdom of God and his justice, and all these things will be added to you.

The first and the relevant for God are not the physiological needs of people, God gives priority to the "spiritual being of the person." God wants intimacy with his children first, to convey his love, power and peace. God does not seek to enrich man first in the material, God is looking for man to overflow with love, peace and joy. The spiritual is the main thing for God.

On the other hand, when the person approaches God, the first thing he seeks is to satisfy his physiological needs: food, clothing, footwear, health, education, money and other material things.
The person who approaches God is more interested in "having" or "obtaining."
When God made man, he first did all the things that man was going to need, so as not to be distracted in the search and presence of God. God did everything to spend more time in intimacy with man and that man would not be distracted looking for the material.

The most important thing for God is you and not material things. Material things, God knows we need them, but it is not a priority for God.
When the person places God in the foreground in his life, the Word confirms that God adds all the things he needs.

God does not want materialistic children, God wants children in love with his kingdom and his presence.

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@dali13, Jesus always advised us to seek first the kingdom of God and his justice, because, the rest would come in...
Thanks for sharing

03.08.2019 21:42

Amen @ ricci01. Blessings to you.

04.08.2019 01:09