Reflections of life: Your will be done, Lord; and not mine!




When I do what I want and not what my parents tell me to do, for my good; then my will prevails and not theirs.
I have had to face many difficult situations for not wanting to do the will of my parents and that has been very painful. This leads me to meditate at the moment when Adam and Eve sinned for not obeying God's will, and everything has been very tragic until now, there has been a lot of violence on earth, wars, diseases and a set of very negative things product of Disobedience of our parents in the garden of Eden.

When the disciples told the Lord Jesus to teach them to pray, the Lord showed them the prayer of our Father and, as he taught them, told them that it was necessary to ask under the will of the Father and not according to our personal will. .

The model sentence begins:

> Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name; your kingdom come; Your will be done ... (Luke 11: 1).

In this model of prayer, which is our Father, Jesus taught the need to ask under God's will.
The problem of us when we make our list of requests is done by completely ignoring if what we are asking for really fits what God says in his word.
When we do not receive an answer, we get angry and even stop praying because God has not responded to what we ask. We show this attitude, but we don't stop to check if what we are asking for is aligned with what God really wants for us.

A father when his son is hungry does not give him a stone, nor will God give us anything to harm us. God is just and always demands that we approach Him according to what is established in His Word. We cannot forget that God's will is simply what is written in his Word and it is according to her that we must make our requests.

God will never do what I want, but he will do what he has determined for me; and if God has thoughts of good for me, then I must be sure that if I submit to the will of God I will get the greatest reward for my life.

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Our father has good plans for each one of us, we just have to be obedient to his word.
Thanks for sharing @dali13.

13.08.2019 02:17