Meditation: sin and God's help




Greetings to friends and brothers in Christ.

People struggle with their constant sins and are continually affected by their weaknesses by constantly sinning. Sin afflicts man and causes him to lose the joy that Christ conquered for us on the cross.

It is true that sin drives man away from God, but it is also true that God provided himself with the powerful tool to break the yoke of sin. God's provision for fighting sin is Christ.

The Word says in Hebrews 4: 15-16

> Because we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who was tempted in everything, according to our likeness, but without sin. Therefore, let us confidently approach the throne of grace, to attain mercy and find grace for timely relief.

If there is someone who understands man's weaknesses to sin, it is God. For that reason he sent his son to die for the sins of all mankind. God recognizes the weakness of man to sin, so he provided himself with a great high priest, who is Jesus Christ, to strengthen us in the midst of our weaknesses. Christ is the help for the sinful man, he just has to stand up and the blood of Christ cleanses and purifies him to be accepted before the eyes of God.

If people understood the greatness of the power of Christ's blood to take away sins, they would continually come to the throne of grace and receive appropriate relief for the forgiveness of their sins.

Sin has a medicine and is the blood of Christ. The sinner has a help and is the throne of grace where the Great High Priest, Jesus Christ, intercedes for all the men who repent.

Do not let yourself steal the joy for sin, if you are a person who has confessed Christ as savior, approach his throne with confidence and you will find the grace for timely relief.

Enjoy living happily before the throne of God in prayer and worship and God will continually send you help and protection.

Sin has become a serious problem for people who do not recognize Christ as savior, however, Christians must recognize that it is at the feet of Christ where adequate help comes to forgive all kinds of sin.

Thank God the Father who understands our human weaknesses, since his Son Jesus was tempted in everything when he was similar to man. He was tempted in everything, without sin. However, Jesus recognizes human frailty and because of that, he finds himself interceding for us before the Father, to obtain forgiveness and help for us.

Rest assured that we can approach with confidence the throne of grace with great courage to receive from God the favor, mercy and help we need.

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Amen @dali13, this is the solution to sin and you say well: God's provision to fight sin is Christ.
Thanks for sharing.

27.08.2019 12:19