Greetings and blessings to the entire Steemit community. I share a new message about believing and receiving. No one can receive if they have not believed before. It seems that receiving is synonymous with believing. The word says:

...... Who thinks everything is possible? (Mark 9:23)

Receiving what we expect is possible in the act of believing. If you don't believe in something like you think you will receive it.
When what we want is still in the spiritual realm, we believe it and receive it in the heart, and it becomes a hope, until we have it on the natural plane. Nothing can manifest in the natural plane if we have not believed it before in our hearts.

In the Kingdom of God, we must learn that things are first believed and then manifested on the physical plane. That is, we first believe and then we receive them naturally.

According to the Scriptures, God has a good plan for each person. What should we do. First believe it without fainting and persevere until God's will is done, and then we will receive the manifestation of what God has prepared for each of us.
If you doubt what God has planned for your life, it will take you to the devil, who will discourage you along the way and, of course, will not receive what God has prepared for you.

The Bible is full of infinite promises from God for our lives, but if we do not believe it, we will not receive it and we will be filled with a set of negative things that will make us defeated and failed in life.
If there is someone who is willing to take every negative thing in us and transform it into positive things, it is God; We just have to believe and receive from God the abundant blessings he has for us.

If we want to receive something from God, the key is to believe.
Do not stop to look at the negative things that happened to you in the past, just believe in God and you will receive the good future that God has for your life in Christ Jesus.

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The just shall live by faith, Faith is the raw material with which God builds, we must only believe in our hearts and receive the promises.


05.09.2019 12:56

@dali13, certainly he who believes receives, that is our faith in Jesus Christ. Thanks for sharing. DTB

06.09.2019 18:42