Job: the decision to trust God



Today I want to reflect on life based on Job's decision to fully trust God in the midst of all the adversities he had to live and face.

Job was a good and integrated man who walked in the ways of the Lord. In fact, his justice motivated God to say of him: "there is no other like him on earth" (Job 1: 8). God blessed Job for his justice and that is why Job earned the title of "greater than all eastern men" (Job 1: 3).

Despite this, Job suffered indescribably. It didn't hurt, but he lost everything: his family, his wealth, his reputation and even his health. As if that wasn't enough, his wife and friends didn't offer real comfort. Job's friends told him that he had suffered because of some hidden sin in his life.

Job is a blunt biblical example of a reality that we must accept: even those who are right before God will suffer. Will we let suffering destroy our faith or strengthen it? That is the decision we must make. Job decided to trust God, his Redeemer, and was rewarded for his faith (Job 19: 25-26; 42: 1-6).

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@dali13. Afflictions may come for both the just and the unjust but what makes the difference is the attitude that is taken when it occurs and Job is an example to imitate because his attitude towards God never changed and glorified him in good and in He misunderstood that He was his redeemer and if he praised Him when he was doing well, He should also praise Him in the midst of evil

08.11.2019 12:13