Devotional: the weather in the sky is cheerful




> You will show me the way of life; In your presence there is fullness of joy; Delight your right hand forever (Psalm 16:11).

The psalmist David describes the glory of joy that surrounds the throne of God. The weather in the sky is completely happy. The entire spiritual atmosphere of God's presence is joy. The throne of God is surrounded by songs, praises and groups of angels who do not stop playing instruments and sing for God in permanent joy.

Definitely, as David says, the climate of heaven is joy and pleasure. David's desire was to remain in God's presence because he was full of that overflowing joy in his presence.

Surely it has happened to you like me, when I enter the presence of the Lord that I have moments, I begin to cry with joy in his presence, I feel that an indescribable joy comes from the depths of my heart, and I begin to laugh without knowing why . Some call this laugh "the holy laugh." What I can tell you is that it is something pleasant, that it fills you with joy, and when you get up from the presence of God, your eyes are filled with tears and your mouth is filled with laughter.

If someone who reads this article has experienced it, then they will understand this experience of joy that occurs in the presence of God. At this time, you can imagine, this permanent joy in heaven where the throne of God is established. This leads us to confirm that "The weather in the sky is happy."

If David describes that in the presence of God there is fullness of joy, I do not understand why some Christians miss this opportunity to live happily in the presence of God and enjoy life as God commands. To enter into the spiritual coverage of God is to do it as David did, that is, in prayer.

Bringing the climate from heaven to earth implies that we must be on our knees to experience what angels live daily in the presence of God. David gives us the key, David knew he was on his knees since his heart could be flooded with the joy of the Lord. There is no other way, dear brother in Christ, it is on the knee. The heart is full of a new song and our mouth is full of laughter and our being of the eternal joy of the Lord.

This climate of joy from heaven can bring home, family, church, work, community, city and nation. Simply imitate David and God will change his lament for the joy of heaven.

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@darlis13, in the presence of God there is always fullness of joy and being in his presence is priceless. DTB

24.09.2019 16:09

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