Devotional: praising God for his creation and salvation




King David said in many of his psalms: "Jehovah, my God, I will praise you." Praise to our God is nothing but the exaltation of his greatness, lordship, glory, wealth and power. We praise him for his many goodnesses and mercies that he has had for men.

Psalm 135: 1-2 says:

Praise the name of Jehovah; Praise him, servants of Jehovah; those who are in the house of Jehovah, in the courts of the house of our God.

We know that Jehovah's name is holy, his name fills the whole earth with his glory and greatness. An invitation is made to the children of God, to those who are in the house of the Lord every night, so that all may worship and acknowledge their lordship over all creation.

Throughout the development of Psalm 135, the glory of God is exalted and his dominion over the creation and salvation he has given his people Israel and his analogy with the church of the Lord is recognized. It is exhorted to praise God, because he is benign and the children of the Most High are invited to sing psalms in his name.

God's love is wonderful and great, says the psalmist who chose Israel as his possession, and delivered him from the hand of Pharaoh in Egypt and destroyed many nations and powerful kings in his desert walk. God showed his salvation to the people of Israel. In the same way, he will continue to show his salvation to his church on earth.

Within his personal devotional, the psalmist addressed God saying:

O Jehovah, your name is eternal; Your memory, O Jehovah, from generation to generation. For Jehovah will judge his people and have mercy on his servants (Psalm 135: 13-14)

The name of our God is eternal, remains forever, and eternal is his mercy towards his children, who will take pity on him forever. Great is our God, worthy of supreme praise. He chose Israel as his possession, and his church as a perpetual inheritance. God is faithful and true, his holiness covers his house and fills the hearts of those who seek him.

The psalmist closes this song saying:

Of Zion be blessed Jehovah, who dwells in Jerusalem (Psalm 135: 21).

In the same way, the church of the Lord can say: that Jehovah be our creator and savior; He inhabits the whole earth and dwells in our hearts through his Holy Spirit.

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