“Is it better to copyright or trademark a logo"

Intellectual property or intellectual ideas are created in the human mind, intellectual property does not refer to the ideas. It is how the idea materialises itself and the end result that is protected with a patent, a copyright, or a trademark. The design of a fuel-efficient car maybe patented but not the idea.

When you start a new company, the logo is trademarked and not the idea of creating a logo.

Why You Should Attend ❓ 🤔
✅ To understand the importance of a trademark protection in depth
✅ To learn about the general process of a trademark registration
✅To learn about the requirements in order to successfully register a trademark
✅ To learn how to conduct a prior trademark search


📆 27.08.2019 (Tuesday)
⏰ 07.30pm - 09.30pm
🏢 GA Space, Kota Kinabalu (Above Foo Phing Restaurant)

📲 Register now: http://gaspace.com.my/trademarkkk

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