Sports Media Makes it Obvious

Sports Media makes it pretty clear that regular news is kind of total bullcrap. Sports media is not a perfect example, but it is a pretty good one.

Why are the Cowboys and Giants change of coaching positions more newsworthy than the current playoffs this weekend? Why does media after media person say that the Cowboys have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL when it's clear they don't. The only people that would honestly say that are Cowboys fans. I get there are a lot of Cowboys fans but those are literally the only people that would ever say that. People are still hung up on their 13-3 season from a couple years ago. The Cowboys are an ok team, but there are so many better ones.

Certain quarterbacks get the benefit of the doubt that they're young and will develop to become better players. Like Dak Prescott or Sam Darnold or Baker Mayfield. Meanwhile guys like Mitchell Trubisky, Marcus Mariota and even Jared Goff get written off when all six of those guys are honestly at very similar levels of talent.

Big markets and teams of past prestige get the most coverage. I wonder if the regular news is similar? Is it hard to believe that money controls writers to write more on certain topics? Like I said, Sports media is not a perfect example, but it's certainly close enough to make you think.

I'll get personal with another sports story. If you think I am being biased then skip this part, I really don't care.

Back when the Wacksonville Jaguars were actually decent, the media was all over them even though they had a trash QB and pretty much zero exciting skill players. They had good defense, that's it. Every single week was the media just amazed at the greatness of the Jaguars. Meanwhile the Titans continued to beat them and we're nearly as good as them and at least the Titans had a more famous Quarterback to market and even Derrick Henry. But nope the media chose to support Blake Bortles instead.

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman continue to make ridiculous points (much of the time) about the NFL and at times they literally don't know players names and even their accomplishments. Honestly if the team is not from a big market or something like that, these dudes are absolutely clueless.

Exactly how mainstream media acts! They become experts on the so-called 'big' stories, the easy stories. Then they ignore any other story in the world even though there are many important things going on, not just the ones that make them the most money! Got to wonder! Greed is strong man!

I know there are channels and whatnot that cover specific sports only. The NFL, NBA, and MLB all have their own networks. To that I have no major complaints. Although these channels require that you pay more for their coverage. ;)

The NBA is exciting there is no doubt about that. But I highly question the reason behind why the NBA has gotten more coverage in the past five to ten years. The NBA has gotten more popular, sure that is probably true. Also, basketball is very much a global brand. I definitely respect that.

But in America how much has basketball overtaken the NFL? The way ESPN portrays it it seems basketball is becoming number one. But a part of me seriously doubts that. I wonder who is getting paid.

I see the UFC and mixed martial arts becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the world. I see professional hockey doing just fine. I see boxing hanging in there as well. Why is football at times being shamed? American football has been around forever. That movie with Will Smith exposing CTE made it seem that every football player is going to get this disease. Every football player is infected like zombies, apparently. If that is the case then why isn't every single pro football player going crazy? I know for a fact that not every player is suffering through it.

Where is the brain damage movies in MMA, Hockey, boxing, or even NASCAR or rugby? Even sports that aren't overly physical have been shown to cause CTE. Basketball and soccer have shown to cause CTE. Jarring of the brain, bumping into each other. Soccer players literally bang there heads on balls that are being kicked at high speeds, on purpose. Not saying it's worse than football because it is certainly not. But nobody can tell me that heading a ball is healthy for your brain.

I can't help but wonder if there are some fishy things happening there.

Now these are just sports, not important issues. But that is what makes me wonder! Anyone that watches sports news sees how stories are steered in particular directions.

Now what if similar or worse things are happening on your local and national news?

I seriously can't help but think how much fake news is out there. Writers being paid off. Writers with their own agendas. Writers twisting truths. Writers straight up lying. Who pays these writers? Who encourages them or steers them in the direction they want? Who knows but it definitely happens.

The word 'propaganda' was literally a vocabulary term I had to memorize in school. Why should I think the propaganda ended?

The internet is slowly helping expose some of this weird crap. When I watch ESPN I can't help but get seriously mad at times. Sports media essentially feels like the 'Cowboys-Yankees-Lakers' channel.

Seems harmless, annoying but harmless. But as time goes on I wonder how deep all of this might actually go.

Steem can help some of this I believe. Not sure it can totally solve it, but i believe it can help the regular citizen be heard, which is very valuable in my opinion.

Steem on.

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