My NFL Pre-Season Predictions v.s. Reality: AFC North, 2019

In this post I will be talking about the AFC North division.


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Baltimore Ravens. Real record: 6-2 My Prediction: 3-5

So far the Ravens it's been a surprisingly good season, in my opinion surprisingly. I definitely questioned second year quarterback Lamar Jackson's ability to throw the ball efficiently at the NFL level. So far he's shown me he's a better passer than I thought, which is a very good development. Lamar overall is a really good scrambling quarterback, he's a true Cunningham/Vick style QB. Perhaps he could be even better than them one day but it is far too early to tell. Another reason I was nervous about the Ravens this was Lamar Jackson's ability to stay healthy, through eight games he's been uninjured and playing at really high level. The Ravens should definitely make the playoffs as long as they stay healthy.

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Pittsburgh Steelers. Real record: 4-4 My Prediction: 4-4

The Steelers are such a good organization, especially in recent years. Even with a bunch of changes they're still competitive. Their long-time two time Superbowl winning quarterback went down early in the season and the team is still at .500. No Bell or Brown anymore either. That being said I don't know how this team will do the rest of this season. Mason Rudolph at QB is okay but I don't expect much of a playoff push for the Steelers in 2019. I believe that they should get a young QB and see where that takes them. Head coach Mike Tomlin I believe could do well with a young prospect at QB. I believe Big Ben may be aging. But this team will always be competitive, I feel.

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Cleveland Browns. Real record: 2-6 My Prediction: 5-3

Well the Browns are a pretty big disappointment. But perhaps it was the media's fault for buying into the hype based on little results. I am at fault for falling for the Browns bait as well. I really thought that their talent could mesh well. But looking back perhaps that was a silly idea. The Browns as a whole organization have been just pretty bad for awhile. It's just kind of a mess in Cleveland. I think they definitely need better leadership in the coaching department, they need a better coach.

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Cincinnati Bengals. Real record: 0-8 My Prediction: 2-6

Well I thought the Bengals would be a better squad for sure. I didn't expect that much from them but certainly not a winless start halfway through the season. I don't even know what to say, I believe they seriously need to totally re-build. Coaching and quarterback. Andy Dalton is not the guy at this point even though I thought he was pretty good at one point in time, the guy has really just not helped.

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Current AFC North Standings Actual Record My Pre-Season Prediction
(1) Baltimore Ravens 6-2 3-5
(2) Pittsburgh Steelers 4-4 4-4
(3) Cleveland Browns 2-6 5-3
(4) Cincinnati Bengals 0-8 2-6

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What are your thoughts on how these teams are doing? How do you see these teams finishing the 2019 season?

Steem and Sport on!


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